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    I use this plugin with Advanced Pricing for WooCommerce, and there’s some conflict for exchange rate. It gives me wrong numbers for my rate.

    1:1 is ok
    1:0.1 gives me 31719 : 317
    1:0.4 (what I need) gives me 31719 : 50

    Can you please fix this?

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  • Plugin Support Julian Vu



    Sorry we can not help with this issue. This is a conflict with a 3rd plugin.



    Hi I have this also problem.

    But I use “Woo Discount Rules”

    When I add rate 10 this will give me from 900 to 90’000

    I think this convert the converted price again.

    I mean the exchange is ^2
    For example from 1$ with 3.5 rate for ILS it makes 12.25 ILS (3.5*3.5)

    Please fix it

    Plugin Support Julian Vu


    @insideril sorry we can not help you with this problem.

    We know what the problem is, if you don’t want, no need. We will fix it for us.

    From the plugin,

    1. We need to know which file(s) (php or js) that is responsible for calculating the cart price and conversion from one currency to another?

    2. and which method / function(s) do that?

    Plugin Author thanhtd


    @insideril You can use function wmc_get_price() in file woo-multi-curency/includes/functions.php to change price value before display them in 3rd plugin.

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