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    Hi there,

    Since I update Foo Gallery to the newest version 1.4.14, i’ve discovered it causes a conflict with Youtube Embed Plugin, by EmbedPlus Team. It didn’t happened with the previous version 1.4.12 (I’ve got the same install in other server with this older version running with no conflict at all). Disabling the Foo plugin the conflict disappears. I don’t know if it also happens with other plugins.

    The problem seems to be that it forces the video to expand to maximum values, width=”9999″ height=”5624″ in this case, the visual effect is kinda superzoom of the video within its container.

    Is it posible to get back to the older version 1.4.12 while you get this fixed?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can download previous version from the bottom of this page : https://wordpress.org/plugins/foogallery/advanced/

    Can you link to your gallery page so I can have a look please

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    Hi bradvin,

    Problem solved with new update 1.4.15. I installed back to version 1.4.12 with wp rollback plugin the other day, so to provide you with the link requested i’ve updated again the plugin not being aware of the new release 1.4.15. Checking the video gallery i notice everything’s ok, and then realize of this 1.4.15 update. So it was v. 1.4.14 which was somehow interfering with videos.

    Thank you, and you can close the topic if you want.

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