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  • I’m trying to configure this plugin (I believe I will have less mail marked as spam if I send mail via SMTP rather than Bluehost’s provided mail services) but I’m not having any luck.

    I want to use a Google App address (so instead of, I have I wouldn’t think the configuration changes much. After I try to send a test mail I get the following message:

    An error was encountered while trying to send the test e-mail.
    SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.

    I’m absolutely certain my password and SMTP user are fine. I also check the “user Gmail” checkbox that populates the fields with GMail’s port, server, etc. What could be causing this?

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  • I believe that you are trying to make an SMTP connection from Bluehost to Gmail, and that it would use some port like 25, 465, or 587?

    I believe that Bluehost does not allow outbound connections from their servers with those ports, and that it is stopping your connection.

    You should be able to connect to Bluehost’s SMTP instead of sending from Bluehost’s Sendmail, and it will get marked as spam less that way.

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