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  • I just installed the plugin, which says it does exaclty what i need, getting me very excited about it.

    but when I go to the Conference Schedule settings page, I get the error: “This plugin admin template could not be found: /templates-admin/settings.php”

    I belive the problem is in conference-schedule/plugin.php, line#271

    if ( file_exists( $this->dir( "templates-admin/$template_file" ) ) )

    I just wouldnt know how to fix it.
    please advice!
    thank you very much

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  • I’ve got the same error, On an windows server. But on an NIX server, everything works perfectly except the taxonomy-locations shows the sessions in a different order than excepted (DESC instead of ASC), Any help ?

    Did anyone come up with a fix for this issue?

    Hi guys, we were having the same problem, that’s how we fixed it:

    Please go to plugin.php file function setup() on line 111.
    Basically this is the setup function of the object ConfSched_Plugin which will hold info like directory name and url.
    On windows setup is failing due to the comparisson paths:

    stripos( __FILE__, WP_PLUGIN_DIR )

    on windows _FILE_ is built like this: root\dir\to\path and instead WP_PLUGIN_DIR is build like this: root/dir/to/path so comparison fails and plugin is not setup up properly.

    What we did was to fix pahts replacing ‘\’ by ‘/’ before comparing, and then using those 2 new variables instead of __FILE__ and WP_PLUGIN_DIR.

    public function setup( $name = '' ) {
      //remove backslashes for windows machines
      $file = str_replace("\\","/",__FILE__);
      $plugindir = str_replace("\\","/",WP_PLUGIN_DIR);
       if ( ! $name )
          throw new exception( "Please pass the name parameter into the setup method." );
           $this->name = $name;
           // Setup the dir and url for this plugin/theme
    	if ( stripos( $file, 'themes' ) ) {
            elseif ( stripos( $file, $plugindir ) !== false ) {...

    Hope you find this helpful.



    Thank you very much aaires!
    This was very helpful to me.
    Now my plugin is working…

    Plugin Author Simon Wheatley


    Thanks for picking this up. Will you please try v0.53 when it comes up, and let me know if it fixes the issue, please?



    Well it’s a nice idea, but I have absolutely no idea how to get it to do anything. It looks like I have to do surgery on my templates to make it go, but what do I transplant and to where?

    A little — make that a lot — more documentation is needed.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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