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  • Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    Hi, ATM it is not possible. Having said that, I will investigate in the future if this can be done. I need to find out whether Google map API requires fixed width of a placeholder.


    I have changed the width in the shortcode on the page itself to 100% and that seems to work: [google-map-v3 width="100%" height="350" zoom="12"


    So responsive should be possible I think.

    However, some other things get massed up… I.e. when getting directions, the ‘suggested routes’ window is very small. Can these be set too to follow the width of the map?

    How can you get a pointer in the adress field?

    How can text be translated (to Dutch in my case)?


    I changed the width to 100% as Monique suggested and am having the same issue with the “Suggested routes” frame. Would appreciate any help on that particular issue.

    I wasn’t, however, able to duplicate the issue where no pointer is showing in the address field as seen on Monique’s sight.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi ampascual,

    Can you send a link to your website – just for my reference?


    Sure, no problem. The map is on the following URL:


    That’s a nice minimalistic responsive theme! Your site looks very calm (is that the right word?).

    I see what you mean that you have the same problem with the suggested routes frame.

    I can also see that I have another problem, that is the place of the images (car, walking man, arrows). Yours are nicely centered in their boxes as where mine are ‘somewhere top left’.

    I guess Alexander can help us with these issues – once he has settled down 😉


    Thanks, Monique 🙂

    Alexander, looks like you work on this plugin around the clock with all the update releases. Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    Please update to v7.0.25. Please check the change log…

    @monique23 Your direction icons should be properly aligned now, also the ‘suggested routes’ window should be ok

    @ampascual … yeah .. hehe….

    Thanks for that Alexander!

    However, I still have a few issues:

    • The arrows of the ‘Get reverse directions’ are still ‘somewhere top left’
    • The ‘suggested routes’ windows seems to be smaller than the map width (now set at 95%)
    • I still see no pointer in the adress A/B fields?
    • How can text (like Directions: To here – From here | Street View etc.) be translated (to Dutch in my case)?

    Can you let me know please?

    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    Hi Monique,

    I will have a look at CSS again. What pointer are you talking about, please explain….

    Regarding the translation to Dutch, I can provide a POT file which you (or someone else who speak Dutch) use in POEdit software to generate the PO and MO files and send back to me. then I include these files in the plugin release.

    Hi, this is exactly what I was looking for! Is it possible to make the height a little smaller ONLY on mobile devices? For example, on my iphone it looks kind of funny with a 350px height – it’s not square – it also takes up too much of the page that when you click for directions, it seems like that doesn’t do anything, it’s just the appeared below the map.

    Is there a way to have Google Map locate you using your iphone? or can you direct users to Google Maps app on the iphone?

    Also when you click on the marker the pop up box does not appear in the center of the page, you have to drag the map across to the right to be able to see it.

    This is such a cool plugin it would be great if these features were available!

    My site is here:



    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    Hi ellebillias,

    Thank you.
    You can set the info bubble auto-panning (pop up box does not appear in the center) in the map config options.

    All other features will require extra dev work and time – I am very busy these days as I am relocating to US. Maybe in the future I will look into it.


    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    @monique: Please update to version 7.0.26. I am still not sure what pointer you expect to see

    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    @monique, I have fixed directions width and the arrows

    Hi Alexander,

    I have updated to 7.0.26. Directions width and arrows are ok now!

    Sorry, I mean cursor instead of pointer. It’s my poor English, ehhh. When clicking in a (form) field you should see a cursor but I don’t…

    I have double checked in other main browsers and the funny thing is that the cursor is only missing in FF… On the same page I have a contact form and there I do see a cursor when clicking in a field.

    While checking in other browsers I noticed that in Opera I see only part of the map. I can see the whole frame (with grey background), but from the map inside the frame I see only the top left part (approx. 1/3rd horizontally and 1/3rd vertically). Any clue?

    I have not yet worked with PO and MO files, but I am sure I can figure that out. I’d be glad if I can help you to translate to Dutch.


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