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  • Hi!

    I have some problems in my Google Maps plugin.

    Firstly, when I change the zoom, nothing changes on the map, it’s always an automatic zoom. How to fix that?

    Secondely, when I am on the map, there is a beautiful option which permit to make an itinary! But… The default units are “miles”… But nobody in my country use this unit. How could I change the default unit to kilometer?

    Thirstly, just for the fun: it could be too cool if you permit to add some icons themes! The basic theme is cool, but not the best I saw I think. ^^

    Babye and thank you so much for your plugin 🙂

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  • Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    Hi, assuming you have several markers on the map, when I generate the map I am making sure that all markers are visible in the view port to the user. That’s why zoom changes.

    Make an itinary? What is your website URL?
    Regarding the KM, when you click on get directions “from here” or “to here”, there are two radio buttons “KM” and “Miles” where users can select their units.

    Plugin comes with over 250 custom icons available for selection, you can also upload your own icons.

    You are using “comprehensive google map plugin”, right?

    Alexander, we are having the same problem with the zoom. Is it possible to change it to where this automatic zoom feature only occurs IF no zoom is specified? Otherwise, there is no use in having the zoom feature, right?

    We have multiple points on the map but there aren’t any real landmarks within the viewport so it makes it difficult to tell what you’re looking at. Being able to zoom out fixes this. It’s zooming in too far.


    ryan’s idea seems good to me!

    For the “km”/”miles”, the problem is that on the “from here to here” option, the “miles” is selected by default. And I would prefer the “km” is selected, because nobody will think to change the option, and in France miles are not used.


    Babye 🙂

    I add: for the icons, the problem with a only theme pluging is that when I want change all the icons just for one map (use fantasy theme for example), it change for all the maps…

    It could be fun to chose one theme of icons for each map we make. ^^

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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