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How to Style with JSON Code (5 posts)

  1. ShermanOne
    Posted 3 years ago #

    The Google Maps API provides the possibility to style a map.
    Where and how do I setup the code I get from


    For example here:

    it says how to add the code to html, but how about PHP?

    best regards


  2. lukehm
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I wondered this too.
    I know hoe to do this with my own map.
    Is it possible to style the map created by CGMP by adding some inline js?
    Many Thanks

  3. mckeene
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Did you ever figure out how this was done?

  4. macambulance
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I finally figured this one out, you have to add to the json-string parameter in the object, and tell the javascript file to pick up that style from the object. Here's what I did, you might be able to suggest better code :

    1. In the cmgp plugin directory > short code.php > line #74 : $map_data_properties['styles'] = *your style info here as a json formatted string*
    2. In the cmgp plugin directory > assets > js > cgmp.framework.min.js file > line #2
      1. change : b.maptypecontrol,panControl:"true"===b.pancontrol,zoomControl:"true"===b.zoomcontrol,scaleControl:"true"===b.scalecontrol,scrollwheel:"true"===b.scrollwheelcontrol,streetViewControl:"true"===b.streetviewcontrol,tilt:"true"===b.tiltfourtyfive?45:null,draggable:"true"===b.draggable,overviewMapControl:!0,overviewMapControlOptions:{opened:!1}});"true"===b.showpanoramio&&p.buildPanoramioLayer(b.panoramiouid);"true"===b.showbike&&p.buildBikeLayer();"true"===b.showtraffic&&p.buildTrafficLayer();null!=b.kml&&
      2. to : b.maptypecontrol,panControl:"true"===b.pancontrol,zoomControl:"true"===b.zoomcontrol,scaleControl:"true"===b.scalecontrol,scrollwheel:"true"===b.scrollwheelcontrol,streetViewControl:"true"===b.streetviewcontrol,tilt:"true"===b.tiltfourtyfive?45:null,styles:b.styles,draggable:"true"===b.draggable,overviewMapControl:!0,overviewMapControlOptions:{opened:!1}});"true"===b.showpanoramio&&p.buildPanoramioLayer(b.panoramiouid);"true"===b.showbike&&p.buildBikeLayer();"true"===b.showtraffic&&p.buildTrafficLayer();null!=b.kml&&

    I keep the google style info in my theme options as a json formatted string, then use json_decode($string) to load that into the map_data_properties array

    Hope that makes sense/helps!

  5. macambulance
    Posted 2 years ago #

    note the styles:b.styles to line #2 in the js frameworks file, if you don't want to play spot-the-difference between the two js code samples

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