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  • Since I have a decent number of followers on Twitter, most of the feedback I get is through Twitter, and that feedback is about almost everything including blog posts, which I usually tweet about.

    If you have a decent following on Twitter, chances are your Tweet about a post of yours receives as much replies if not more than comments left on the actual post. It keeps happening to me in almost every post recently.

    I don’t mind that fact, but also I would love to pull all of those tweets and relevant conversation and make it part of the post in question, so that everyone who’s contributing through different channels would know about each other.

    With that idea in mind, we decided to create Commentweet for our use, which helps us (and might help you) pull all replies to a tweeted post in a nice and easy way, which works like this:

    You tweet about the latest post on the blog, and all reply tweets to that particular tweet gets pulled in automatically to “Commentweet” section, which you can place anywhere.

    Here’s how to install it in WordPress:

    – Download the WordPress plugin
    – Unpack it.
    – Upload it and place it in the “Plugins” folder.
    – Activate the plugin.
    – Place this code “commentweet_widget();” in your post template in any way you wish.
    – To add a Commentweet counter for posts on the homepage, you can add this code “commentweet_widget_nu_o();” to the Main Index template.

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