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  • Thanks!

    Currently there is no way to set a limit on the size of the images being uploaded. I’ll make a note of this and see about adding something like this in a future version.

    I was having this problem also and changing the css for the plugin didn’t work (noticed it was inactive after messing with it). I simply went in to my themes css and inserted the following code and it works great.

    Comment Image Picture Control
    .comment-image img {
    max-width: 400px;

    Of course just set the max-width to whatever looks good on your site. I hope this helps.

    Thanks for sharing this. In the next version of the plugin, I plan to have this resolved.

    Very nice idea. But the best feature should be a resize of the uploaded image so the page will not be too heavy to load.

    Noted – will see what I can do in a future version!

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Awesome, thanks for this short term fix. Looking forward to the updated version of a great plugin.

    Would also just like to second (or third or whatever) the motion to be able to auto downsize images so they fit the area. Would gladly purchase a reliable supported comment image upload plugin.

    Another awesome feature would be a lightbox type thing so double clicking a thumbnail image would expand it in pop up window.


    I hear you loud and clear!

    I always appreciate the feedback and I’m aiming to have these features baked in as soon as I can get some time.

    Also, I appreciate the thought on paying for a premium version of the plugin. That’s something I’ll definitely consider.

    Love all the feedback – keep it coming!

    Sounds good. Just having a receptive developer is a bonus!

    I’ve been through a few comment image plugins that either aren’t quite good enough and/or no longer supported. Such a plugin is invaluable for our site so I’m surprised there there doesn’t seem to be more demand for it.

    Since the beginning I’ve had to use a programmer to add code or whatever to get them to do what I want. Having just discovered yours, they are working on it as I type. Hopefully they’ll also get it to pull in all the previously uploaded images from the now defunct plugin I was using.

    Completely understand.

    I’d love for this to be the de-facto Comment Images plugin, but I’ve just gotta find the time to work in these feature requests.

    Believe me: I’m just as impatient as you guys when it comes to want it done ;). Just have a backlog of some other stuff for the time being.

    Just thought I’d “bump” this thread… I could use the image re-sample function.
    Thanks for great work!

    Thanks gnickoloff!

    This hasn’t been forgotten – just haven’t had a chance to work on the plugin lately.

    For those that are curious, this is likely how the plugin will work:

    • On each post’s page, you’ll set a maximum size for the image (in MB)
    • The comment form will display a note, if there is a limit
    • If the image uploaded is greater than the size specified, then the user will be given a warning and the image will fail to load

    Hope this clarifies where things are heading (at least in the future :).

    Haven’t had time in ten months? You’ve got a very popular plugin man, at least stick it on Git and request a fork.


    The plugin hasn’t not been updated; however, this is one feature I just haven’t gotten to implementing yet.

    Good to know. I can get it to die if I do a file check but it does an ugly die and then posts the comments with the image stripped anyway. It’s sub-optimal. I can remove the else and it posts the comment but silently strips the image.

    // If the nonce is valid and the user uploaded an image that is less than 150kb, let's upload it to the server
    		if( isset( $_FILES[ $comment_image_id ] ) && ! empty( $_FILES[ $comment_image_id ] ) ) {
                if ( $_FILES[ $comment_image_id ]['size'] < 153600 ) {
                    // Store the parts of the file name into an array
                    $file_name_parts = explode( '.', $_FILES[ $comment_image_id ]['name'] );
                    // If the file is valid, upload the image, and store the path in the comment meta
                    if( $this->is_valid_file_type( $file_name_parts[ count( $file_name_parts ) - 1 ] ) ) {;
                        // Upload the comment image to the uploads directory
                        $comment_image_file = wp_upload_bits( $_FILES[ $comment_image_id ]['name'], null, file_get_contents( $_FILES[ $comment_image_id ]['tmp_name'] ) );
                        // Now, we need to actually create a post so that this shows up in the media uploader
                        $img_url = media_sideload_image( $comment_image_file['url'], $post_id );
                        // And strip out the name of the image file so we can save this to the meta data
                        // Regex is usually bad for this, but WordPress is predictable in the format
                        preg_match_all( "#[^<img src='](.*)[^'alt='' />]#", $img_url, $matches );
                        $comment_image_file['url'] = $matches[0][0];
                        // Set post meta about this image. Need the comment ID and need the path.
                        if( false == $comment_image_file['error'] ) {
                            // Since we've already added the key for this, we'll just update it with the file.
                            add_comment_meta( $comment_id, 'comment_image', $comment_image_file );
                        } // end if/else
                    } // end if
                } else { die; }
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