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  • Strange thing happening…
    I’m beta-testing my website soon to be launched, and I realized when I’m on an author page (not any author page, at the moment just one of them), the collapsible category is displaying as active category a category which has nothing to do with the author page (which is not assigned to any category).
    Why is that so?
    I can’t spot any difference in the code, except the class name of the authors that change (obviously), and one has more articles than the other. But I tried without showing the articles, and it’s the same.

    So, my question is : how can I change that? I don’t want to have a random category expanding when a user is on an author’s page…

    Another solution would be to manually tricking the plugin to think when it’s on the author’s page (template page), it’s on a specific category (existing, if possible. If not, that’s ok too).
    I tried assigning the page to a category, it worked (I mean, the page WAS assigned to the category), but it didn’t change anything for the plugin, it still thought it was on this other random category which has nothing to do with the page.

    Any advice would be great, thanks !!!

    I believe the problem is that the id of the author is 4, which is also the id of a parent category (funnily enough, the one showing up, how convenient). Is there a workaround, or do I have to change the user ID ?

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  • Alright, can’t edit the topic anymore…
    I finally decided to create a new user and assign all the articles from the “faulty” user, since it was the only way I could change the ID (I’m now realizing I could have changed it in the database… anyway). It did the trick.
    BUT : I think this issue should be investigated in a next version, since it’s strange and it can be really time consuming to find out what’s wrong.
    BTW, great plugin.

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