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  • Fantastic plugin, finally found a folding categories function that works properly with WPML. Thanks for releasing it!

    Is it possible to get rid of the link title that appears when hovering over a list item? At the moment it says:

    View all posts filed under..

    As we’re using the site more as a CMS than a blog, this looks a bit confusing. Is there anyway to filter it out for the plugin, something similar to this?

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  • On posts it shows the title of the post and not that “View all posts filed under…” text.

    That text appears when you hover over a category and the category has not a description.

    So you can in my opinion do one of the following:

    – Add a description to all categories with the text you would like to appear. Instead of “View all posts filed under…”, that text is going to appear on hover.

    – Edit the code (in collapscatlist.php) and remove that string from the output. Though with this aproach if the module is updated you will lost your changes.

    Wouldn’t be difficult to implement a new option in the widget to configure that behaviour.

    Curiously there is even a bug in that specific string as there are three times it appears in code and in two it includes a text domain but on one of them doesn’t include it. As that string is a string included in core the translation only works in that one case that doesn’t include the text domain. The solution would be to remove the text domain the two times that string appear with a text domain.

    Thanks for the reply manfer.

    Yes, we’re only outputting categories in a list (not posts), so for us it’s showing on all of the list items.

    I’ve read about adding a blank space to category descriptions, that’s an option (more practical than editing source files), but a bit laborious for a site with quite a few categories, translated into three languages.

    More convenient would be if one could filter the output, or as you say, have the option to disable the output in the widget.

    There aren’t filters for widgets unless widget_text is supported on the widget and though I have not tested or reviewed the code probably it is not.

    So you can:

    1) Edit the collapsing category code directly as stated before. (problem: lost on update).

    2) Use this technique Where you use an intermediate buffer for the widgets output so you can filter it before echoing the buffer.

    3) Maybe use Widget Logic that in the description says it adds a widget_content filter.

    Collapsing categories plugin is not updated too often so really the first alternative is not so bad option in this case and you would only need to remove that string you don’t want. You don’t need to analyze code just remove the three times it appears in collapscatlist.php.

    Hi manfer,

    The plugin is used on a client site, so not practical to edit the source code. I might try to have a look at the output buffer, that’s an interesting solution.

    Thanks again manfer!

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