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  • Resolved Andrea Sciamanna


    CodeStyling Localization seems to be unable to see the theme I’m currently using.

    The theme is “Ultimatum Theme” (a premium theme).
    The theme has a “languages” folder with at least read permission and insite just an “index.html” and an “ultimatum.pot” file.

    However, CodeStyling Localization doesn’t list this theme at all.

    Any idea why this is happening and how to solve it?

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  • Alright, this happened to me too. Took me quite some time to figure what is causing it.

    codestyling-localization.php @ line 689 – 693

    Author puts a comment there “//WORDPRESS Version 3.4 changes theme handling!” and yet doesn’t benefit from it.

    I’m just gonna post a quicky and dirty fix, hoping others could use it untill there’s a official fix.

    Just before line 694 }else{ insert the following line of code:

    $data['base_path'] = $values->get_stylesheet_directory() . '/';

    We are basically overwriting $data[‘base_path’].

    At line 694 I have something completely different: are you sure you’re talking of the latest version of the plugin?

    For instance, the comment “//WORDPRESS Version 3.4 changes theme handling!” is at line #716 in my case.

    By the way, doing what you’ve suggested (but before line #722) it seems that the issue is solved.

    I hope the developers will update their plugin.

    Thank you entr!

    This solved a similar problem of mine, my own custom themes refused to show up in the codestyling localization plugin when the functions.php were present (loading textdomain in header.php with load_theme_textdomain), when I renamed the functions.php file themes appeared in the list!

    By adding this fix, suddenly all themes where listed even when the functions.php were present.


    Thanks entr!

    Plugin Author codestyling


    this will be repaired with version 1.99.25 of my plugin. Themes than againg will be detected as expected.



    I’m using the free theme Amphion Lite and Codestyling Localization version 1.99.27 and still it doesn’t recognize the theme. Unfortunatelly I’m not PHP dev (not even close!) Can you help?

    thanks for your help

    Plugin Author codestyling


    This theme is not written to be translatable! I recycles some texts from WordPress main translation file if the texts are contained there. But it doesn’t load any own translation file (no support coded by theme author) and it uses many hard coded strings within the theme files (admin as also frontend php files).
    Please contact the Theme Author and ask for a translatable version of this theme.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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