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    I’m using Code Styling to localize my theme/plugins (eg, WooCommerce) and I’ve been running into several weird issues with my localized content. Here’s a run down:

    1. Some content in the WooCommerce PO file which I already localized keeps appearing in English, both on my website and on the scripted emails that get sent when an order is placed. According to WooCommerce support, all this content is using textdomain ‘woocommerce’, so should be found by CodeStyling.

    2. Some strings which I localized and edited afterwards, are still showing up unedited (ie, the 1st localized version is still showing).

    3. Some other strings which I localized a few days back, only appeared as localized on the site today (!!).

    4. Yet some other strings, which supposedly belong to the Word Press PO file, keep appearing in English. The problem is that I cannot locate them in the PO file when I search for them via CodeStyling.
    Interestingly, early today one of these strings was appearing localized into pt_BR (I’m localizing into pt_PT) with a typo, later on the day the typo was gone and now it’s appearing again in EN!

    5. Finally, not sure this is related to 4. but I’m unable to rescan the PO file. I get an Access Error. I already reported it in

    Any ideas of what the problem might be? This sounds like a big bug to me.

    Thanks for reading! Any help would be appreciated!


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    I assume, you have some cache plugin running. So if you translate the files and generate the related mo file, it will not throw away your cached pages with prior available translations.
    If you get next day some translations made previous day, this sounds to me, that the cache has been refreshed the affected page by any reason and now you get the correct text.

    So using a cache plugin and changing translations you have to empty your cache after you finished your translation to get the changed phrases too.

    2nd – if pages still no show translated text (especially emails been sent) than this is a problem of how an who sends this mails. If this is done by Ajax or a plugin doesn’t care to load the translations in this cases, you will always get english. As long as the locale is not qualified set prior to send a mail, you will get mails in english.

    Summary: getting english result even if translations are available is not a fault of my plugin but within the workflow using the produced translation files.

    OK, I figured out the reason why the scripted emails were getting sent partly in EN and partly in my locale. This was due to WP plugin Admin in English.

    I’ve now deleted the plugin and the emails are being sent in my locale only.

    I have no idea what the cache plugin might be. I’m using a number of plugins. Anyway, the content that I had mentioned I had already localized and was appearing in EN still, is now appearing localized….

    Finally, there’s still WP strings (according to WooCommerce support) which appear in EN on the site. I cannot locate these in the WP PO file, though. I still cannot rescan the files either. Some of these strings are:

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    ERROR: Invalid username. Lost your password?

    I don’t know if being able to rescan the file would solve this last issue, but that seems to be the only thing missing to fix the localization issues.


    Rescanning the files was the missing step for all WP content to appear localized! This is now working after enabling low memory mode within CodeStyling plugin (check:

    Many many thanks for the help!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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