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  • Alright, if someone were so kind to create a plugin that entails the following, you would be a huge help!

    1. Categories (posts within the category) would be visible to only users of user roles with permission. For example… only admins can read Category A, admins and editors can read Category B, and all users may read posts from Category C.

    2. It would work along side Role Manager, that way you can create as many roles as you want, thus ultimately creating user groups and reading permissions for each group.

    This would be ideal for blogs that have paid subscribers, so if a subscriber fails to pay on month you can place the user from “Subscriber” to the custom role, “Suspended Subscriber” and they can only see public categories.

    Thank you so much!

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  • Someone else just the other day asked a similar question. There is a plugin called Category_access that allows you to restrict certain categories per user. There is another plugin called Limit_category which allows you to restrict categories by role.

    Category Access isn’t effecient enough… requires you to check/uncheck categories on a user-by-user basis. This would require selecting categories on a role-by-role basis.

    Limit Category limits who can post, not who can read.

    Dunno exactly what you’re looking for, but the Category Visibility plugin allows you to hide categories by user level:

    It worked, thanks!

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