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    Good to hear you like my plugin!

    I got good news. I am working on the next (major) release which will add sorting to all columns for all types. This will allow you to sort users, posts, pages, posttypes, media files by any additional column.

    It will also bring additional columns for Links and Comments.

    This release is planned for the beginning of februari.


    Whatsup Tobias. How’s the new release coming along? I’m looking to sort users by registered date and I guess I will be using a custom filter next to your plugin right now.

    Other than that, I could also use a feature that would save the order you last used as the default. I guess a plugin would have to save this to your user meta. Thoughts?

    good stuff, this seems to work just fine in combination with the plugin:

    function my_admin_users_registered_column_sortable( $columns ) {
        $custom = array(
            "column-user_registered" => "user_registered",
        return wp_parse_args( $custom, $columns );
    add_filter( "manage_users_sortable_columns", "my_admin_users_registered_column_sortable" );

    Tobias, thanks for this incredibly handy plugin!

    I’m also looking for a way to sort by columns, specifically in the media library, by mimetype and attached to. I’m not that handy with php like Ikraav to whip up something so spiffy 🙂

    I’m using WP 3.3.1 and the plugin works fantastically – no bugs, not glitchy, just simple, elegant and functional!

    Looking forward to the next release with this new feature. Keep up the great work!

    Plugin Author Codepress


    I have just released the latest version 1.4. This release will have the option to make all columns of any type support the sorting. Even though the filter Ikraav suggested will still work it’s not essential anymore when you have this addition.

    The addon however requires a license key which can be purchased in our shop.

    @Ikraav I like your idea about the default sorting option. I am currently working on this.


    Great! I didn’t even know this existed… you should advertise it in your free plugin. I’ve just purchased the add-on.

    Plugin Author Codepress


    @trevorgehman Thank you. I have a small box in the topright corner which links to the add-on. I have now given it a green background, so it is a bit more clear 🙂

    The latest version (1.4.5 and up) now supports default sorting for Posts and Media with the addon. It will remember the last sorting you did when you return.

    I will also implement default sorting for Users, Comments and Links in another release.


    This plugin it’s just amazing!
    I’ve purchased the sortable addon the very second I realized it existed 🙂

    Great job, incredibly useful timesaver for a wpdev.

    I’m just using it combined with User Meta pro Plugin and they go together like bread and butter!

    my user-management pains are over!

    ps: I’ve testified it here as well. This is a major community upgrade, spread the word folks!

    Plugin Author Tobias Schutter


    Thanks for the thumbs up! These kind of comments are a joy to read and help me continue improving Codepress Admin Columns 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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