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  • I recently started using Codepress Admin Columns with a project in development. In general, fantastic, especially being able to include custom fields.

    However, very shortly after upgrading to the latest version (, things messed up a bit. Here is the current configuration for the Page screen:

    And here is the actual screen:

    As you can see, there is little correspondence between them. Most if not all post types are similar.

    I can’t say whether this happened immediately after upgrading. One thing I recall happening shortly before the mess-up is that I did a Quick Edit of a page on the admin screen, and when I saved and the list table reverted, the layout was messed up.

    I fully appreciate this isn’t much to go on! But before I go and reset and reconfigure everything (there’s quite a bit of customization), or try to replicate it and make a bigger mess, I thought I’d check to see if this kind of thing has been encountered before, and if you have any tips for salvaging.

    Actually, I have a staging server where the plugin has been upgraded, but the columns don’t appear to have messed up (I have’t done Quick Edit here):

    That’s how things are supposed to look with my config changes.

    However, looking at the config screen, there does seem to be a problem here:

    Any help appreciated!

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  • (Looking again, OK, *some* correspondence between config and listing table. However, there are columns appearing on the list that aren’t in the config, at least.)

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