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  • Hi,

    This plugin works fine and I’m very pleased. But I have one little very annoying problem with it.

    If I enter a post, which has a codeColorer text, and edit the post’s text (not the code itself), after I save the post I find that the text that was between the [cc_lang] tags has disappeared, and I have to rewrite it.

    Is that related to the WordPress’es default TinyMCE/html editor or is it a bug?


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  • Could you give me more info? What version of WordPress do you use? What version of CodeColorer? Did you enter and update your post in the same (WYSIWYG) editor? Could you send me an example of post with code, where it disappear?

    Fill free to contact me (I’m CodeColorer author)

    I use 2.8.4, CodeColorer last version 0.9.5.

    Of course it’s in the same WYSIWYG.
    I used the html view of regular WordPress editor.

    I can’t sent you example of post with that exmple, because when it happens I correct that – I won’t upload such a thing to my blog when the code is disappearing….

    I edit now a new post, with several code blocks and that annoying things happen again, I almost broke my LCD now.
    First all code is ok.
    Then I go to html view and edit a small change.
    Then I save and go to view the post.
    Then some of the code disappears from the post
    and also so a < br / > element disappears
    look at this screenshot:
    You may see the blank lines. Also, look at the block of the function replace_title – line 3 had a br tag before I edited my post.
    More than that – line 5 – if I write echo I can’t save the post and get server error 500, thus why I wrote ec ho, that’s the only way it would have been saved in first place.

    This screen shot is from the edit post in WordPress, after I re-saved the post and the code havbe been deleted –

    Last file is the page html source that have been generetaed –

    Please please fix this bug, I’m bumping my head to the wall every time that happens….
    Many thanks


    hello anyone who can solve my problem,

    when i write my text and saved it , and then check after few days ,
    the starting lines of my text disappeared. please help me how to fix this problem.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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