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  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for trying out the plugin. Is this issue happening only with a one particular user or all users? Also, what are you typing into the search?


    I type into the search the username of the users. I have 10 or so. If I type in thelion – nothing happened – also a user thelion exist. Typing into the search another user, it doesn’t work.

    If I press enter, nothing happened. Click I into the text field to write the article, not user was added.

    I have a German language file for wordpress (I come from Germany)

    Thank you for help


    Paul, please try v1.1.5. I have updated the SQL query for the search to include additional fields. Try searching by the user’s email or first name instead.

    If this does not work, then it’s likely an issue with the German language file. I have only tested the plugin in English.

    It looks like a great plugin, but I can’t get the english 1.1.5 version to work, either. No matter what I type in, I can’t bring up the search.

    I tested the plugin with the German version of WordPress and did find a bug in the SQL query. This issue though is unrelated to the language. The plugin will not work if you are not using the “wp_” prefix for your database.

    I should have a fix released in the next few days.

    i’m using WPMU, which prefixes tables like:


    with each blog in the system having a different number. i’m having this exact same problem, so i assume this is the reason. can you make sure your fix allows for this as well? thanks!

    I’m having the same issues with a non “wp_” database. Just adding my voice to the choir to say a fix would be hugely appreciated.

    As far as I can gather, the original Co-Authors plugin no longer works with WordPress 2.8, so you’re our only hope!

    Thanks in advance, batmoo.

    The latest release (v1.2) should fix the wp_ DB prefix issue.

    Please, let me know if the problem is still showing up.

    Hello, it looks like I’ve got the same problem on a WP2.8.4/CA+1.2 configuration. The weird thing is that the search-as-you-type functionality works great on local server but is totally inactive on line. Both configuration look the same to me but certainly aren’t.

    Any suggestion anyone, to steer me in the right direction ?

    monbouc, is your WordPress installed in a different directory than the homepage url? If so, that might be causing the problem. Let me know and I’ll send you a fix.

    batmoo > indeed it is !!! the fix is very welcome, many thanks !

    monbouc, give this a shot:

    Find the following line in coauthors.php:

    var coauthor_ajax_suggest_link = "<?php bloginfo( 'wpurl' ); ?>/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=coauthors_ajax_suggest"

    and change it to:

    var coauthor_ajax_suggest_link = "<?php echo admin_url('admin-ajax.php?action=coauthors_ajax_suggest') ?>";

    That should likely fix the issue. Let me know.

    (Note to others: this fix will be in the next release.)

    batmoo > your fix unfortunately didn’t change anything in my case, I’ve got no idea where it comes from ; but I had to move the site to another host and this seems to have made everything work perfectly (with the pre-fix version of your script and the same website structure), just like it does on the local version.
    Many thanks anyway.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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