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  • Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Do you mind explaining with a bit more detail about:

    • What you’re trying to do
    • What you expected to see
    • What happened instead
    • How we can reproduce the issue


    I have installed your plugin (ver. 2.5.3) on my intranet WP wiki and:

    1. as administrator I want to make some corrections to posts of my coo-workers.
    2. but I don’t want to be shown as the main author of a post. For some posts I need your plugin for team edited posts.
    3. after my changes I am automatically shown as the main author of a post. I would prefer to be listed as one of the people making post modification.
      When I disable your plugin all comes back to normal: after making changes I am shown only on the list of post modifications, not on the homepage as the author of mentioned post.
    4. just install WP 3.2.1, enable your plugin and make all from pt.3

    I hope this is clear for you.

    I have the same problem, is there any solution to this?

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the detailed description. I’m still not able to reproduce the problem.

    Two more questions:

    • Can you share a screenshot of what you see when you see the issue?
    • Do you have any other plugins running? If so, what are they

    Daniel thanks for the response.

    I’ve disabled the plugin so I can’t take a screenshot, but what was happening with me was as exactly as above:

    1. Set new author with Co-Authors & Save
    2. Admin edits post
    3. New author still appears under Co-Authors, but admin is set as the default author and is what is visible on the site.

    This also happens using Quick Edit and seemed to affect a large number of posts.

    Here are most of the plugins I’m using, the others just include Gallery, Twitter Tools, Visual Subtitle, Wp-Total Cache..

    I’ve not been able to replicate the bug myself, but I can see that it’s happening on a client’s website. A contributor is submitting a post, but when an Administrator modifies or updates the post, it has replaced the original post author ID with the Administators.

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    This other conversation could be related, although I’m not able to reproduce.

    @cornflower Design, have you duplicated the client site’s setup in your local environment? What plugins are running? Can you produce step by step instructions on how to reproduce?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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