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  • Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    I can’t reproduce this issue. Can you share some more details around specifically when it occurs?

    Sure happy to and thanks for looking into it.

    For example if I have displayed on my dashboard 20 posts and I mass edit all 20 and want to change a category when I try to save the change it will assign Admin as the author for a few posts.

    It’s just an odd issue I’m having.

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    it will assign Admin as the author for a few posts.

    So it just modifies a few of those posts, not all? Are there any commonalities amongst the posts? Does this issue persist when you’ve deactivated all other plugins?

    Hi Daniel,

    At the moment I’m going through and even a quick edit will assign the author as Admin. Same problem if I mass edit 20 to 30 posts. Not all but some of the posts the author will be Admin when I save my changes.

    I have tried to deactivate a few of them but if I were to I don’t want to set back site views. I’m getting hits every minute and if I make any changes like that I don’t want to alter the look of my site. I’m had it fairly extensively tweaked.

    Thanks and sorry about my delay in getting back to you.

    Same problem here. I will go in and make changes to a post in Quick Edit, and the post will be saved with my name.

    This happens both with bulk Quick Edit (say, adding categories to a bunch of posts) and individual Quick Edits of posts (changing a posting date).

    I’ll try more of it on a dev site, to see if I can find commonalities.

    I’ll also be happy to set you up with an admin login, if you want to take a look for yourself.

    FWIW, you’ll note that in a Quick Edit window when you aren’t running Co-Authors Plus, there’s a pull-down menu allowing you to change the author. In posts where CAP is installed, that pull-down menu goes away. My suspicion is that something there overrides the pull-down menu and insists that the current user is now the author.

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Odd, I’ll take a further look. Any additional details you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    There is an issue when showing articles in the author archives.

    For example if I have an article with two co-authors and I am on any of the one author’s their co-author does not appear.

    Thanks for willing to look into this.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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