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  • snurk


    G’day people! 🙂

    I’m running Co Authors Plus 2.6.1 and it works like a charm!

    My site has many authors and I want to create a script that reminds them to update their old posts so that the site is not full of outdated info. Now, I have done this by digging into the MySQL database..

    First I do a select authors:
    SELECT * FROM wp_fraga_users ORDER BY display_name

    Then within that loop I do a select posts and display how many months ago they were last edited:
    SELECT post_category,post_title, ID, TIMESTAMPDIFF(MONTH, post_modified_gmt,NOW()) as 'last_edited', TIMESTAMPDIFF(MONTH, post_date_gmt,NOW()) as 'first_published' from wp_fraga_posts WHEREpost_status= 'publish' ANDpost_type= 'post' AND post_author='$id'

    ($id is the author’s ID)

    NOW… this only pulls up the posts that have no co-authors.. Any ideas of how to pull up also the posts that the people have co-authored? I can’t actually figure out where/how the Co-Author plugin stores this info in the database.

    Anyone knows how to do this? 🙂

    Best regards,

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    I’d take a slightly different approach… Instead, get all of the posts that haven’t been updated in the last year, and then foreach post get the coauthors. What do you think about that?



    That would work just as well, I’d just need some more PHP coding to make a per-author list. How would you do this?

    I was thinking the script could be set to send emails directly to the authors with all the posts they have writen or co-authored who need to be updated. So I was thinking to create a per author list and then set a cronjob to email it maybe once a month.. 🙂



    Actually.. Ideally this would be a plugin that just displays old post in a widget in the admin panel..

    But nevertheless.. any help with finding the co-authored posts? 🙂

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    I’m busy with a couple of projects now… it will be a few days.

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Sorry for the delay… On a high level, here’s how I would approach coding this. The functions are placeholders; you’ll need to figure out how to query the actual data but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

    First, get all of the posts that haven’t been updated since X:

    $stale_posts = x_get_stale_posts()

    Then, for each stale post, get the co-authors and store the post ID in an array of co-authors. You’ll use this later when you’re sending your emails.

    $co_author_stale_posts = array();
    foreach( $stale_posts as $stale_post ) {
    $post_co_authors = get_coauthors( $stale_post->ID );
    foreach( $post_co_authors as $post_co_author ) {
    $co_author_stale_posts[$post_co_author][] = $stale_post->ID;

    Now, your $co_author_stale_posts variable has an array of each author and the post IDs that are stale. With this, you can send an email to each author listing the posts that need updating.

    Make sense?

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