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  • Did you add any new plugins since yesterday?

    Thanks for your help !

    It’s very strange, I’ve localized the bug : only my main account (which is an admin account) can’t use this “author” option on the “Add new article” panel, whereas others admin account have this option, and editors too.

    Why just one admin account (mine) can’t have the co-authors option ?!

    Moreover, the plugin doesn’t run on Internet Explorer, only on firefox or Chrome… Is it normal ?

    That’s odd. Does the Post Authors panel not show up for the admin account at all? Or do you only see the default WordPress author dropdown?

    And it should work in IE. I develop on a Mac, so I unfortunately can’t test on IE as often. I’ll make sure to test before the next release.

    Hi Batmoo!
    The plugin works for others admin accounts excepting me, it’s strange…
    Anyway, thanks for this plugin, I’m using it with my other admin account when I want to add a co-author 😉

    Do you think it’s possible to use co-author with “Author Advertising Plugin” to share revenue through co-authors of one article for instance ? ( )

    Thanks 😉

    I have just got around to upgrading to version 2.1.1 (from 1.2) and the strange thing is that – it stops working! Don’t know why yet and I haven’t got much time to try to figure it out right now, but the panel is not there at all. I tried logging in both as an admin and as an editor and it’s just gone.
    For the moment I have just reverted to the backup that I made before I did the update and I will come back to this later and try to figure out what is wrong.

    Hm, if the box isn’t showing it’s likely due a javascript error. I haven’t noticed any issues. Can you send me details of your WordPress install as well as browser you’re using?

    Hello all,

    I’ve also found this issue to happen: Only the main acount (admin) does not show the authors option on editing/adding new posts/pages. I created a separate account and set it as “Editor” and the authors panel shows up on that one.

    WordPress 2.9.1
    CoAuthors 2.1.1
    I’m testing it on Firefox 3.6

    Haha! It looks like possibly the Authors panel doesn’t show if there are no other users with level of “Author” or higher. Once I added the separate account as Editor and went back to my admin account, I could see the Authors panel.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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