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  • Nice plugin, but

    With a list of pages that had no priority set, (0), this plugin decided to re-arrange them in an order that appears to have little or no logic that I can relate to.

    So I set about ordering them alphabetically with the plugin.

    However when viewing a page with the pages in a sidebar menu list, the page links were not in the order I’d set them to.

    Going back to the plugin the order had reverted.

    I then did each page order one by one, each time clicking away on any other button and back again to make sure the order would stick.

    This worked.

    Finally I got to a stubborn one that would not move where I wanted it. I tried to move it to the top and it worked, then into the position lower down that I wanted but still no luck.

    So either not sticking or stuck. 🙂

    I took a look at the priority of the pages which were now all set to numbers much higher than they needed to be. Presumably they don’t get reset to 0 and work upwards but instead append ever increasing numbers or some other system.

    Anyway, for a large site, and large site building that does utilise page order priority to enable quick copy paste of repeating pages structures, this numbering system becomes a bit frustrating.

    1. Any ideas why the drag and drop is not sticking or getting stuck ?

    2. Might it be possible to re-calculate page order priority from 0 each time a page is dragged and dropped to keep the numbering clean.


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