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  • If you drag around a page in “Pages Tree View” to change it’s position
    in the tree, all custom field values get lost.

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  • Plugin Author Pär Thernström


    I just tried this on my local installation and it keeps all the custom fields. Do you have any other plugins installed, that may interfere with CMS Tree Page View?

    Oh sorry – must be a plug-in conflict.

    It happens on one of my wordpress installs but not the other. I’ll try to figure out which plugin is causing the conflict. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Pär Thernström


    If you find out which plugin it was, please post here so I can check it out and perhaps do something about it.

    The conflict seems to be caused by “Verve Meta Boxes.”
    Although I suppose the problem might be on their end and not yours.

    Thanks for looking into it!

    OUCH!! just ran into this in a big way — I lost custom fields on over 30 custom posts after rearranging them.

    I am using Verve Meta Boxes … Pär, were you able to figure out the problem? Is it something you are planning to address? As it is now, it is not usable. 🙁

    The programming error is actually with Verve meta boxes believe it or not. Verve is no longer being developed. I paid a developer to patch it to make it work with CMS page tree view. I can send you the code if you’d like…

    Kato, would love it, thanks! I just put myself to sleep studying Pär’s code and WP includes files, and found nothing. 🙂

    Are you still using Verve, or have you switched? I am thinking maybe I should try Pär’s Simple Fields plugin …

    Hi McDonna,
    Here’s the patched version of Verve:

    I’ve erroneously changed the version number to v.1.2.7 even though the last official update is 1.2.6. Previously I was calling it 1.2.6h, to differentiate it from the official, but I kept getting the message “there is a new version of Verve” when there wasn’t.

    So think of it as 1.2.6 with Hiroki’s patch, renamed 1.2.7.

    I do still use Verve because I don’t like to change plug-ins with sites that are already live. Truth be told, I’ve never actually tested if moving files in CMS page tree view works with this. The developer told me it does. I’m sure it does. But I’ve been in the habit of not-reordering for so long, I’m OK with leaving them out of order.

    Once I discovered the problem, I warned all my co-developers under threat of death: DON”T REORDER ITEMS IN CMS PAGE TREE VIEW. As long as everyone followed the rule, we were good. But just in case, I still wanted the plug-in fixed.

    Hope it works for you, good luck! Kato

    Hey, Simple Fields looks really promising. Thanks for pointing it out. Downloading it now…

    Kato, thanks! Will try it … after doing a backup.

    Likewise I hate changing plug-ins in the middle of the stream. For this site, though, I really need the custom post reordering functionality of CMS Page Tree View. It’s a restaurant menu and the items are ordered arbitrarily, not by number or name or any other normal sort value. So I have to decide whether to trust this fix, or deactivate Verve every time I need to reorder pages (danger danger), or switch to a different meta box plug-in.

    The other plug-in you might look at is … like Simple Fields it has a top rating. Haven’t tried either one, so I can’t recommend specifically.


    Thanks for the link.

    At the time I found Verve Meta Boxes, it was the only game in town for meta boxes. It made life so much easier.

    But these other two look just as good, possibly better. And most importantly, they’re still being updated. 🙂

    I also recently found Easy Custom Content Types which looks like an all in one plug in for meta boxes, custom post types, and taxonomies.

    You should all switch to Advanched Custom Fields:
    Please take a look at the ‘repeater fields’, you will be so happy with that feature 🙂

    But thanks for the patched version, still use it on some old projects… Verve 🙁

    Ah mcdonna allready mentioned Advanched Custom Fields 🙂

    @kato: did you informed the plugin developer about your patch?

    Works great by the way!

    I did write to her but never heard back. She released a new version since then, which I would assume has the issue fixed. But I haven’t tried it.

    For new projects I’m using Easy Custom Content Types which has been actively developed and is even better now than it was 3 months ago. It costs, but it’s well worth the $.

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