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  • On two similarly configured Multisite 3.04 installs when I attempt to activate the plugin I encounter this error:

    Cannot load cms-tpv-page-page.

    I understand that the issue may be caused by another plugin or combination thereof, but I would like to understand what this message indicates that the plugin is looking for. I hope that understanding this error might help me uncover the cause of the other issue mentioned below.

    Also on both these site, the page manager and page search will not display any page listings even though pages are present. The page counts at the top of the page manager indicate the correct page qtys, but none are listed.

    New pages added to the site appear in the page counts at the top of the page manager but do not appear in the page manager listing. The site’s pages do appear in various plugin drop down lists, but not in the default page manager.

    Not sure what is going on. Still deactivating plugins, etc trying to discover the conflict, but any advice that might help me understand these issues would be appreciated.

    Phil D

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  • So where should “cms-tpv-page-page” live?
    Does it provide a return path to the default page manager?

    E.G. would it being unable to load explain the page manager’s failure to pruduce a list of pages?

    Why would it not be able to load?
    Must certain folders have specific properties (i.e. 777 or 755 etc.)

    Another plugin MyPageOrder also returns an error about a page failing to load.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

    Phil D

    Plugin Author Pär Thernström


    I’m not sure I understand your problem. Can you provide a screenshot showing the problem?

    Hello Par,

    Thanks for responding.

    Let me open by saying that I am not sure what caused the issue, but your plug in and others dealing with pages return similar errors, so I hope you can help me figure out what is going on. Screenshots provided via email to you.

    Awesome plugin and it works fine on some of my other sites.

    I have 3 single wordpress sites and 4 multisite installations.
    The issue occurred on two of the multisite installations with about a dozen sites on each.

    I postponed activating the plugin on the other multisite instalation until I could understand what caused this issue with the pages disappearing.

    Thanks in advance.

    Phil Duncan

    This is how the default WP page manager appears.

    No pages will appear and searching for a page produces no results even though pages do exist.

    Page qtys shown in “All,” “Published” and “Trash” are correct.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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