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    I love your plugin. It’s so easy to use and well executed.

    Was a bit concerned to see “This plugin has been closed as of March 7, 2022 and is not available for download. This closure is temporary, pending a full review.”

    Could you give us some detail what’s happening please.

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  • Hello @powcom
    It all started with a missing validation of the preview email address field, but during an intensive review it turned out we also had to sanitize and escape all other settings a user can save. We are in daily contact with the WordPress security team and should be able to release a new version with improved security within a few days (hopefully tomorrow).
    best regards, Hannes

    Thanks for being on top of this – This is an amazing plugin and I use it for all my sites. There simply isn’t a replacement for this and it would be a huge loss if it disappeared.

    If this plugin is made active again, can we just update it again from within WordPress or will it have to be reinstalled?

    Again, thanks for keeping us updated!

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    Plugin Support Julian


    Hi @whereverpanda,

    Once the current update if approved, you will be able to update the plugin like you usually do.

    Best regards

    @juliangk Thanks Julian

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    Hi Hannes – Thanks for the explanation.

    I can sympathise that this ton of extra work has just landed in your lap unexpectedly.

    Do you have an update date as to when it will be ready for download again?

    I ask because this is such a useful plugin, I’d love to load this on a new site.

    Hey @powcom
    We’ve already updated the plugin, but we’re still waiting for a final review. I still hope it’s happening within the next hours or days.
    best regards, Hannes

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    Thanks again for the update. Hope it’ll all be fixed for you soon, so you can get back to normal life!

    Same here!
    Hope it all goes quick and smooth.

    @haet Glad to see this is back online! Thanks for the hard work!

    There’s at least one good thing about the review…
    This ist the most secure version of the plugin we ever had 😉

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    Great stuff @haet! – Well done for sticking with it, getting the work done and coming through

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    I’ve just paid for your Google Font addon – I don’t need it – I just want to support the work you’re doing with this great plugin. Keep it up!

    Thank you so much @powcom 🙏

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