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  • Hey viper, amazing job with the plug-in I must say. Here are my 4 concerns;

    1 – I have another plugin on my sidebar which uses collapsing/expanding but there Its have assigned as a plus and a minus and I was wondering If it is possible to change it from bullets to plus and minuses ?

    2 – I tried removing the number of posts beside each month from the php but it didnt seem to work, I removed the following;

    // Returns the total number of posts
    function PostCount() {
    $num_posts = wp_count_posts( ‘post’ );
    return number_format_i18n( $num_posts->publish );

    3 – Are we able to switch it from the current hover-over icon to just the regular hand that most plugins use and make it clickable from the beginning to the end ? (Respectively from the + to the end of the title)

    4 – The speed of the Expanding, is there a code to slow it down just a tad bit ?

    These arent all necessary but I would love to make it somewhat similar to the other stuff on my website so it doesnt confuse my users

    The website is

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  • 1. It’s just a standard unordered list. Style it as you wish using your theme’s stylesheet.

    2. .car-yearmonth span { display: none; }

    3. Again, it’s just CSS. That particular styling is done by .car-collapse .car-yearmonth { cursor: s-resize; }

    4. Modify the jQuery. Change this from fast to slow: jQuery(this).next('ul').slideToggle('fast');

    First of all, thank you replying so quickly but unfortunately I’m still inexperienced with this type of stuff so I need a little bit of help. Well I got #4 down pretty easily but for the others, I wasn’t as successful..

    #1, Where can I change this in my stylesheet ? I tried looking but I didn’t find anything really.

    #2, I add that line ? If so, exactly where is it supposed to go ?

    #3, .car-collapse .car-yearmonth { cursor: s-resize; } already exists, what should I do with it ?

    Sorry if I’m being a hassle with this, I hope its not asking too much :/

    We’re getting outside of the realm of support and into the realm of modifications. I don’t really provide support for this kind of thing, especially not for free. However I’m in a nice mood today, so you’re lucky. 😉

    1. My plugin provides literally no styling whatsoever other than the modified mouse icon. The styling is provided entirely by your theme. It’s just a list:

    	<li>list item #1</li>
    	<li>list item #2</li>

    I gave the elements some CSS classes though, so you can add stuff to your theme’s style.css if you wish to control just my plugin’s list rather than all unordered lists on your site.

    2. Just add it to your theme’s style.css. It’ll make the number of posts not be displayed.

    3. Just add a contradicting rule to your theme’s style.css, but mark it as !important so my plugin doesn’t change it back.

    .car-collapse .car-yearmonth { cursor: auto !important; }

    Sorry I completely got caught up in other modifications, forgot I had asked you this. Everything you said worked perfectly! Thank you so much for the help and for a great plugin 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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