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  1. Casemon
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi there!

    Had a similar need recently, and came across your plugin. Unfortunately, the current version does not meet my needs, and here's why:

    a) Several jquery based menu behaviors require list item IDs to be numbered. This is currently not an option with Classy. Possible to add? ex: id="somePrefix1" id="somePrefix2" and so on.

    b) The above presumes an separator option of "None ()", would require changing the default separator code on line #138, and adding the separator option of None() to the existing.

    c) Last thing; please don't leave those 5 entries in my database after de-activation. I know a lot of plug-in devs don't bother to clean up after themselves, some as a convenience in the case user wants to re-activate, but it is very narrow thinking if you consider the number of plugins out there. Clutter quickly builds up.

    Thanks for sharing the plugin in any case! :)


  2. Alex Dunae
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi Casemon,

    a & b) Can you show me the jQuery code that requires numbered IDs? Can't you just iterate or use :nth() selectors?

    c) Look for that to be changed in the next update, though calling people "narrow thinking" isn't necessarily a good way to get them to help you.

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