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    Hi Richard.

    We’ve been using your Cookie Law widget on a few sites now, and think it’s fantastic.
    On one in particular though, it doesn’t display properly.

    I’ve narrowed it down and it appears to be clashing with a NIVO Slider plugin we have operating on our site.

    I know you can’t possibly offer support with regards to getting it to work with all plugins, but do you have any avenues I can go down to find out why the two won’t work together happily? (and what I might need to change to get them to run!)

    I’ve checked our header and footer.php files, and the correct hooks appear to be there as far as I can see, which I know can cause issues if not present.

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  • Plugin Author Richard



    Thanks for your comments- glad you like the plugin!

    Unfortunately no, I’m not able to support issues with individual plugins and themes but I have published some pointers are found at

    Hope that helps

    Thanks for the reply Richard, i’ll take a look and see if i can get them to hold hands nicely.

    I couldn’t manage to get them working together unfortunately, had to come up with a more basic solution.

    Interestingly i’ve tried to install it on another more basic site, and it won’t work properly on there either. In the Chrome Console, it says this:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object function (j,s){return new b.fn.init(j,s)} has no method 'cookie' cookielawinfo.js:59
    cli_show_cookiebar cookielawinfo.js:59
    (anonymous function)
    b.extend.ready jquery.min.js:29
    u jquery.min.js:37

    Does that offer up any clues to you Richard?

    thanks again.

    Plugin Author Richard


    Whenever I’ve seen that kind of error it was because a function in another script was causing an error, stopping the cookielawinfo script from running correctly. I was able to find out the cause of the error by switching off/on plugins one by one. Laborious task, admittedly. Hope that is a decent starting point.

    Hi Richard,

    I’ve having the same JS error. Line 58 seems to be causing it:

    if (jQuery.cookie(ACCEPT_COOKIE_NAME) == null) {

    — generates the following error:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object function (e,t){return new y.fn.init(e,t,n)} has no method ‘cookie’

    Using WP 3.5 / Plugin v1.1.2
    Any clues?

    Hi Simon,

    This is usually caused by something other than the Cookie Law Info plugin.
    It’s quite likely it’s actually another plugin / the theme you are using loading up a script in the incorrect way.

    As per Richard’s comment above, disable all of your other plugins, and reactivate them one by one, checking each time to nail down which one is actually the culprit…

    ..and to clarify, Richard was indeed correct.

    It was not Nivo Slider clashing with Cookie Law Info, but Nivo Slider clashing with everything

    It had a script incorrectly loaded, which was diagnosed here….

    Plugin Author Richard


    Hi Simon, I agree with LingoSam, it is probably another plugin using wp_enqueue_script incorrectly, or hardcoding scripts into the header (check for e.g. 2 declarations or 2 versions of jQuery- surprisingly common)

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