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  • Plugin Author michal


    @ranpha sorry for late reply.
    In this moment there is no such option.
    You can turn off CKEditor for use during adding comment by uncheck “Use CKEditor as comment editor” option in “CKEditor – Basic Settings” page.
    However this don’t turn off CKEditor during comment edit.

    Please add an option to turn CKEditor off as comment editor. It destroys my formatting.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator



    and uncheck Use CKEditor as comment editor option.

    It’s under CKEditor -> Basic Settings.

    Oh, THAT comment editor. Looking.

    @Dembowski “Oh, THAT comment editor. Looking. “

    Yeah, not the comment editor for adding comments but the comment editor for the mods/admins when editing comments.

    “Quick Edit” a comment works.
    “Edit” a comment goes to

    and assumes HTML layout for a comment hence deletes all paragraphs and puts everything into one long line.

    The new version (3.6.3) made it even worse, since now the click on “Reply” in the admin comment area brings up CKEditor.

    I have to disable CKEditor each time I want to reply to a comment.

    Sucks big time.

    OMG, that’s correct. There should be an option to disable CKEditor for comment management (edit comments and reply comments) in WordPress dashboard, while keeping CKEditor strictly for post/page creation/editing.

    Plugin Author michal


    @ranpha and @others. We are working to improve this behaviour (disabling CKEditor as comment editor). This should works like @ranpha wrote.
    @knn adding reply with CKEditor in dashboard should works in latest release. Do you have any errors when you use CKEditor there?
    Please be patient.

    Using CKEditor for comment management would have been OK in my book if the formatting isn’t destroyed. For example: if I have a comment with 2 paragraphs in it and I click the ‘edit comment’ link, the 2 paragraphs will be merged into one large paragraph instead.


    Yes, I have problems, both with adding new comments (reply) and with old comments (edit).

    When I add new comments then quotes are saved as curly quotes which messes around with some preg_replace code that I use for comments.

    When I edit old comments it merges all paragraphs into 1 long line.

    But the issue is a general issue about being able to turn the editor off completely for comment management.

    Even now although “Quick Edit” doesn’t show CKEditor anymore (you corrected that behaviour, thank you) Quick Edit doesn’t work correctly since the buttons like “(b)old” are missing.

    Plugin Author michal


    thank you for detailed informations. We will try fix these issues.
    Please be patient.

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