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  • Plugin Author Marco Cimmino


    Yes is possible, everything is described in the documentation README_OFFICIAL.txt

    I was wondering the same. I read through the documentation a few times and do not understand it all, and could not see how to simply add the registration form itself – although the simply part may be the problem? I thought there might be a shortcode or example for it, but what I read were many examples to pull specific information.

    I believe you that it is there, but if you are willing to make it more clear, I am sure it would be used by many more than myself. And I know it is lots of work to support plugins.


    Plugin Author Marco Cimmino


    More clear? Too many examples? Are you kidding?
    Examples are covering whatever you can do with the APIs if you are able to understand them then you have everything if not then means you should not touch any php code.

    Ease up.

    I did not say anything about too many examples or that you were not clear. I just said I, me, I could not identify how to simply add the reg form somewhere else.

    For someone who programs regularly in PHP, I am sure it is all there and I see that you have provided more information than many plugins for how to work with what you have created.

    I was not criticizing you or your work at all. You created a great plugin and have provided lots of information and respond to people’s questions more than most.

    I was just stating my need, as someone who is somewhat comfortable with PHP code but am not a PHP programmer. There are many people like me out there.

    Plugin Author Marco Cimmino


    As said:
    if you are not a PHP programmer and willing to become read a good PHP tutorial.
    If you are not a PHP programmer and need someone giving you free lessons of PHP then I am not the right person, maybe here you’ll find, but not from me.


    Actually that is not what you wrote. What you wrote initially was,

    “if you are able to understand them then you have everything if not then means you should not touch any php code.”

    which is something different.

    And I was not asking you to teach me PHP. Clearly you did miss-understand my request and the tone behind it. Given how much effort you did put into your documentation and plugin, I just wanted to know if you had also created the registration form such that one could “simply” add the form to another place on a WP site. By simply, I mean, without having to know a great deal of PHP or possibly none. My thought was that it might be as simple as being able to add a shortcode [cimy reg form] into a page and it would work there. Or something like that, and that I was not able to find that in any of the documentation or faq or other about the plugin.

    So I am sorry you miss-understood my request, and I am not asking you to create something complex for me, or teach me PHP, or anything. I just wanted to know if it was a simple, or easy matter, to insert your registration form into a site page or post. It is not. That is all I needed.

    cheers to you,

    Hi Marco, great plug-in! Of all the wordpress user plug-ins I like your functionality the best! There is one thing I would like to be able to do is use a short-code to embed the user form and also display information dynamically on a page ie. “Welcome [cimy-user display=”user_id”]
    also adding a shortcode log-in form would be nice:

    or the ability to create user roles in the short-code would be nice too

    It would be really awesome if it integrated with:

    The advantage of this is you could create unique fields for each unique user type (ie: Student, Teacher, Administrator) which would work independently of the wordpress user levels. That way you could have both Student and Teacher as a subscriber if needed.

    I have been looking for a user manager with this functionality and I like your plugin’s functionality the best other than these features. I would love to see these included in a future release and would be willing to help with the development.

    Thanks for a great plug-in!

    Plugin Author Marco Cimmino


    Sorry I am a bit busy right now.

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