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  • Hello, good plugin. Thank you.
    Couple of things.

    1. When an Avatar hasn’t been uploaded yet, it needs to be selecting the “default” setting for WordPress Avatars. For example, if we have “Mystery” man selected or otherwise, the box should show that instead of just a broken x image.

    2. When I access the User Profile through another plugin such as BBPress, it’s not displaying the Avatar upload among the pulled over options.

    You could maybe look at how “Simple Local Avatars” works, because I don’t think either of the issues above occurred with it. I know the first at least didn’t, can’t remember on the second.

    A possible workaround to this is to make the Avatar upload as an “Option” in your Plugin, rather than one we create ourselves, that way your script can just insert into the User Profile the way Simple Local Avatars does, if you look at it to see how it works.

    3. One other issue I noticed is that unless we select the option to send a “verification link”, the email we get when registering is the same junk WordPress Title and email we get normally. Your script doesn’t select the Sites Title and email unless we use that option. If you could create an option where that option doesn’t have to be used to use the changed email, some people might like that.

    4. When I log out I get a notice:

    You are attempting to log out of Latter-day Saint
    Do you really want to log out?

    But when I click the log out link, nothing happens, it won’t go anywhere. Or, I should say, maybe it does look like I get logged out, but I don’t go anywhere. Should be redirected to the login screen?

    Thank you again, and keep up the good work.

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