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  • PMichaud

    That field merely show as sample keyword for you to demo Chitika Premium with.

    To demo to see what the ads look like use: though that will only demo the ad code for your viewing, NOT set the keyword for that page, the keyword is determined by your visitors previous search query.


    If you have a site related to gardening and I search for ‘Mini Cactus Tips’ then arrive at your site’s content, the ads will target to my search keywords of ‘mini cactus tip’s no matter what the sample/demo form in the WordPress interface displays.

    I hope this makes more sense, please contact our support department if you have any other questions or suggestions about how we could more clearly convey this through the interface.

    I see now, I missed the #chitikatest=keyword part. I still have a question though: it’s clear that if visitors come to the page via a search engine query, the ad unit will display ads based on the query. What happens when someone visits directly, or from a link? Does it try to figure out the keywords from the page, or will it load ads for “automobile”?

    The problem I was having was that I was loading my test page directly, and seeing automobile as a regular user, which obviously won’t work for me.

    No, the ads only show to search visitors so it will not default to automobile or any other keyword. Only contextual ads would try an figure out keywords based on the page’s content and Chitika | Premium ads are not contextual.

    Please do contact out support department if you are having a problem or have further questions.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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