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[Resolved] Plugin Changed all feature images!

  • Hi there,

    I installed and configured the default image plugin on my website. Set the image. When I refreshed I found that it had reset ALL images to the one I had set. I originally installed it to set a default pic for FB when I or others link to my website. Before install i would at least have a few random pics from my site to choose from. After removal I have none! I used the FB scrubbing tool to get info and get this for default image now: <meta property=”og:image” content=”http://wordpress.com/i/blank.jpg” />. Cant find tag in any of my css files in WP editor even though FB can find them. Also after removal there are loading issues and pages not displaying correctly. Im honestly not trying to pass the buck but there were NO page issues before trying your plugin. Can you assist? We are releasing the book next week and now post removal of plugin these issues need to be resolved, please. Thanks!


    P.S. NOT a programer by any means which is why I use plugin.


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  • Plugin Author janw.oostendorp


    Hi Rui,

    sorry to hear your problem. The issue you are describing has nothing to do with my plugin.
    All it does is create a fallback image. On deletion it won’t have any effect on existing posts or images.

    My plugin does nothing with facebook. Your theme might do something with it. I can only guess where your problem comes from. It cannot be from my plugin.

    Sorry but I can’t help. Hope you can restore it all in time before your book launches.

    Hi and thanks for the quick reply. I dont want to get hung up on the FB thing thats an aside but helps to point out the issue. before implementing your plugin when i linked to my website it would pull a few random pics from my site to use as thumbnail. Post removal, when i link to my site it posts NO IMAGE. How can this not be related to your plugin? Thanks


    Plugin Author janw.oostendorp


    My plugin only shows a image when no image is set. It will not overwrite images in anyway. Just the check. So when my plugin is gone so is the check.

    It appears something else changed the images. Can you list your plugins you use? and the theme. It has to be something else.

    At most it is an unfortunate clash of two plugins. But it can’t be only my plugin.


    The plugins I use are:
    All In One WP Security
    Contact Us Form
    Follow Us Box
    Social Media Widget
    TinyMCE Advanced
    Word Press Importer

    Have had these for quite some time. Thanks again for looking!

    oh and Vertex theme. Forgot to include that.

    Plugin Author janw.oostendorp


    At first sight none of those appear to cause the problem. It can’t be Jetpack, Askimet, WP-importer those I’m sure

    But even if I found which one is at fault. I’m pretty sure you have to restore the damage manually anyway.
    Good luck 🙁

    Bummer! Ok. I have an option for support but if you can recommend anyone reliable to help support my wordpress site. Im looking. Thanks again!

    Plugin Author janw.oostendorp


    You’re American and I’m Dutch so I don’t know who to turn to in the US.
    Pretty sure there are a lot of small companies all over the country.

    I would just Google for some and contact a few. Ask a few questions and pick one which makes a good impression.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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