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  • I like the breadcrumbs on the pages, and I like having the “Home” breadcrumb showing up on sub-pages. However, it looks out of place to have the “Home” breadcrumb (and nothing else) on the actual home page. I propose the following change:

    breadcrumb_navxt_class.php, Line 666-667:

    //On everything else we need to link, but no current item (pre/suf)fixes
    if($this->opt['home_display'] && !is_front_page())

    This removes the “Home” link from the homepage while keeping it on all other pages.


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  • My opinion on this has been, and continues to be, that it is simple enough to wrap the call in a branch statement that checks is_front_page(). The closest thing to this getting done would be an option to do it. Due to the changing userbase (was initially intended for theme developers and those who knew their way around PHP and WordPress), what was once super simple for the majority of users is now not trivial for the majority of users. Thus, an option will probably show up in the not too distant future.

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