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  • This plugin doesn’t work. You ask it a simple question and it says its stumped. I asked it, what is baseball, sorry never heard of it. Then ask another question of similar origin, it says same thing, like it almost has no answers and none of the simple ones got an answer. The website questions work, but on the blog it doesn’t work at all. Good idea, terrible execution blog wise.

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  • Thanks @thecoldspy – we’ve heard this complaint from others and will get this corrected ASAP!

    @thecoldspy – I believe I’ve got all the issues resolved with the latest version. Please give it a try and let me know what you find. Be sure to get an API key from and add that in the settings!


    I tried it again on your recommendation. As soon as I installed it my site went down. I had to manually uninstall it after that. Failure to modify header issues came up, and when that happens, one must go to the drive on the server and manually delete the plugin, as you lose admin access behind WP and everything else. I will not use your plugin again, nor be tricked into installing it for you either lol. Your plugin is crap in my book. Others may like it, but it doesn’t work for me. I know it’s conflicting with another plugin I am sure, but I am not deleting plugins I use just to use your widget. I just don’t need it that badly, nor do I need the hassles of playing beta tester for you either. I got the api key in advance of the install, and it started telling me header problems as soon as I installed it, and then install the key messages came up, which you can’t even do when modified header issues come up, as it shuts down the whole admin back end, so its a worthless plugin/widget in my book based on that. Api keys are truly a waste of time, and while you all may need them, I don’t. Its a widget, not a major component to WP, screw the api key, its a stupid widget.

    Chacha=CRAPCHA Only my opinion of course. YMMV. Good luck to you either way.

    @thecoldspy Thanks again for trying! I really do appreciate when folks find issues like this:

    1. The header issue was actually me not utilizing <?php standards for calling code in the plugin. I’m not sure why that’s a requirement for WordPress, they really should allow <? instead. I’ve corrected that issue and it’s tested well with other blogs.
    2. The issue with the uninstall was totally a gaff on my fault when checking in the code to the WordPress repository. I wound up uploading the code to a subdirectory and it made a big mess. It’s totally my fault and corrected now – but I really wish WordPress would incorporate some GUI to their repository methodology. It’s too darn easy to make a mistake!

    Thanks again for going out of your way and trying it again!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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