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  • I’m currently creating an order form using cForms for a client based upon an old-school layout and it looks like this in bare bones mode:

    Yea, not pretty because there’s no template or style sheet around it. But here’s my questions. First off, if you look at the ‘MUST INDICATE’ area in the ‘Bordway Discount Packages’ area of the form, you’ll see a check box area with some text input areas as well. I know you can do check box groups using cForms but can you integrate some small text input areas as well? Can you assign these areas a style class as well so the fields are shorter than your standard text input field? Same thing with areas above to order a photo. You’ll notice there’s a line with a qty. input field on the left and a place to enter the cost on the far right. Can you do something like that using cForms in some fashion. Regular expressions? I’m no expert on that but I was thinking that might work. I’m not sure.

    Finally, you know how on cForms there’s a place to add additional fields and when you do, it redraws the form creation area and adds additional rows to the form? I’m wondering if there’s a way using AJAX to allow it where you can click on a plus symbol and add additional repeating rows of the same exact row that you’re trying to duplicate? Is that doable or is it something cForms just can’t handle?

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