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    Installed Really simple CAPTCHA, and it work pretty well in contact form 7. But advertized captcha for comment doesn’t appeare

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  • Install and activate cbnet Really Simple CAPTCHA Comments

    If the captcha doesn’t appear in the comments form then try and include the line <?php cbnet_comment_captcha(); ?> in comments.php right after the comment entry TEXTAREA form field.

    That works. Second time I did this (first was on another site). It worked both times.

    Doesn’t work with WP 3.0.2 when logged in user try to reply or add comments.

    It is give blank comments into database and marked as spam!

    Works only for not logged in user.

    Plugin Author Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin


    Can you recreate this error with a bit more detail?

    I just tested, using the latest Plugin version, WordPress 3.0.3, and posted a comment while logged-in. I could not re-create your error.

    @chip Bennett

    I’m using premium themes Transcript from Gabfire, edit comments.php and insert <?php cbnet_comment_captcha(); ?> just before text area, it’s mean still under IF block (if <logged in> than not display captcha <else> display captcha).

    For user that not logged in, comments and captcha works well.
    But when a logged in user try to comments (captcha is not visible because the code put in <else> block), it is doesn’t give any error just like comments are already saved, but it doesn’t show up, and when i manually check to database, the comments record is there but with blank fields and flagged spam by akismet.

    Second try, i put code outside the <if logged in> block, its mean logged in an not logged in user see the captcha.

    Again, for not logged in user, it is works.
    When logged in user try to comments, captcha seems correct and enter the record but again, with blank fields.

    I don’t know if this is themes specific problem or internal cbnet capctha logic that filter out comments just before entered database.

    I’m not investigating more further because it is my live site, i won’t make visitor away just because i’m experimenting captcha.

    Maybe i’ll test on offline site further and give reports here.

    But maybe you have some suggestion against this.

    I’m looking “light” captcha solution because i’ve been suspended by hostgator for to heavy wordpress with just about 1000 visitor/day.
    Using SI CAPTCHA ANTI SPAM seems to much weight on processor/ram and maybe already broken coz i still got many spam. With switch to cbnet i got no spam in single day, but i’ve problem replying comments.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    What version of WordPress are you running?

    What version of your Theme are you running, and when was that version released?

    The captcha-check code that gets run on preprocess_comment doesn’t do anything at all if is_user_logged_in() is true. $comment_data should just be passing right on through…

    The function cbnet_check_comment_captcha() isn’t returning anything if it doesn’t enter the if block. I added “return $comment_data” to the end of the function to fix this problem.

    Plugin Author Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    Well now that was bone-headed of me!

    I just committed version 1.0.3, which should properly return $comment_data if is_user_logged_in() is true.

    Props tback!

    Plugin Author Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    All: please let me know if Version 1.0.2 resolves your issue.


    I’m having the problem where the CAPTCHA field does not show up in the comments form whether logged in or not. I have the Really Simple Captcha plugin activated. Inserting <?php cbnet_comment_captcha(); ?> works but Im using WordPress 3.03 Multi-site with the Thematic framework and really do not want to edit the core comments.php file or manage it in my child theme. Is there any reason you can see why the comment_form_after_fields() hook isnt working? Also is there a config option to have the CAPTHCA created in /wp-content/uploads like contact form 7 does instead of /wp-content/plugins/really-simple-captcha/tmp ?


    I’m using a new Artisteer 3.0 beta theme and it shows when a user isn’t logged in, but doesn’t show up for logged in users. I have Simple Facebook Connect and Simple Twitter Connect, so when a user signs in through FB they can’t comment at all. I’ve turned it off on my blog for now, but I’d love to see a fix.


    I’m having the same issue. However I don’t want to experiment with a live site

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