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  • it seems to be isolated to the Google analytics plugin for sure. I even disabled the caching to be sure, but the only fix is to disable your plugin. Obviously with your plugin quality I was surprised 🙂

    I should note when I am logged in as an admin on that page the player works so whatever is disabled for tracking for logged in admins is removing the issue.

    One of the bluburry forums guys said he fixed this very same issue with you last summer if that helps :)..

    I ran into this tonight. Specifically, when the ‘track outbound links & downloads’ option is enabled, this onclick attribute is rewritten incorrectly from

    onclick="return powerpress_embed_html5a('1234',''


    return powerpress_embed_html5a("1234','');"

    Note that the single quote in front of the first parameter to powerpress_embed_html5a has been changed to a double quote by the rewrite. (I added a newline and shortened URLs to make it easier to read.)

    Turning off download tracking works around the problem.

    Where is this code? Is this a Powerpress file that needs updating? If so I can ask them to update it on their side so it’s captured on their next push of the plugin.

    So I am not sure still if this is a Yoast GA bug or a PowerPress bug, but neither side is commenting on the permanent fix :/

    Powerpress is generating the correct onclick code (the first excerpt) in the function powerpressplayer_build_html5audio in the file powerpress-player.php. Something in the analytics plugin is changing it to the incorrect onclick code (the second excerpt). I do not believe that this is a fault in PowerPress — their code works correctly if the ‘track outbound links & downloads’ option is turned off in the analytics plugin.

    so we need Yoast to comment on this :/ I don’t want to turn off track outbound.

    The latest version of PowerPress does not have this problem.

    Is there a new version that has been released?

    Yep I see it!

    “Added logic to fix the play in new window and embed links if Joost de Valk’s Google Analytics for WordPress plugin has “Track outbound clicks & downloads” enabled.”


    even i have the same problem when Track outbound clicks & downloads is disable the flash player is working. but i don’t want to disable that. i have wordpress 3.5.1. help

    This was supposed to be fixed in the latest Bluburry update.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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