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  • I’ve had FD Footnotes installed on my site for over a year now and it has been working mostly OK. I say ‘mostly’ because it has worked fine on separate pages in my site, but sometimes causes font formatting to go awry on posts when they are viewed as part of the feed on the traditional blog section of my site.

    This was an annoyance I could live with, as the ‘Newsroom’ is not where pages on my site are predominantly viewed. But now the plugin is causing serious formatting problems on other pages on my site. As well as causing the text after some footnotes to shrink (like what happens on my blog feed page), it has removed the background colour of the central portion of the page, where the text appears.

    An example of a page where the background is correct (no footnotes) is this one. An example of a longer page with footnotes where the formatting has been corrupted is this one.

    If I disable the plugin, the formatting appears correctly, but of course I end up with bracketed text all throughout my pages. This is a serious problem, and if I can’t solve it quickly I will have to use another method to generate my footnotes, and this will take me a LONG time given the number of pages and footnotes that I have on my site.

    I do have several other plugins enabled (but not EasyTube or WP-Ratings, the ones mentioned here), and I haven’t gone through and turned them off to detect conflicts. Frankly, I’m hoping that I don’t have to.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • FYI I have found another footnote plugin (‘Simple Footonotes’) that seems to do the job. I have trialled it on the page that I linked in the previous post, so that link is sort of redundant now.

    I will still be interested to know if the issue is resolved in FD Footnotes, as I like to have multiple options available.


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