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  • poluna


    The plugin suddenly causes my wordpress website to stop working since 09/Jul/2015:21:19:49 +0200 (Amsterdam/Europe timezone).

    The execution time of the PHP script (/index.php) consistently is 60000-240000ms (60-240 seconds!) whilst a normal request only lasts 500ms (0.5 seconds). This causes of course a timeout.

    Disabling this plugin resolved this issue.

    The PHP process is practically idle so I assume that the plugin does an external HTTP request which seems to last too long since 09/Jul/2015:21:19:49. Maybe it calls home to get some config data, I do not know – but it should not wait so long for a response.

    Using WP_DEBUG did not give more information about timeouts etc.

    09/Jul/2015:21:19:49 +0200 - $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] - "GET /index.php" - HTTP Status 200 - Script /var/apache-www/index.php - ExecTime 60386.076 ms - MaxMemUsage 6400 KB - MaxCpuUsage 0.13%
    09/Jul/2015:23:36:29 +0200 - $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] - "GET /index.php" - HTTP Status 200 - Script /var/apache-www/index.php - ExecTime 198225.642 ms - MaxMemUsage 6400 KB - MaxCpuUsage 0.17%

    Final solution: disable the plugin.

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  • Martin Bailey


    I just woke up to see that my server had been down for three hours, and it took me another three hours to narrow the cause down to your plugin.

    I don’t like to complain about a free plugin, but this is not good. As pantaluna says, you need to build better error control into your plugin. If an external service is not available, fail in like 15 seconds, and automatically stop checking for another 60 mins, or a day even. Let’s not just bring servers to their knees because of this.



    Hi Martin, thanks for confirming that it is indeed caused by this plugin.



    Thought I’d toss my nickel’s worth into this cry for help, as I too had the same issue as you pantaluna …and, posted my own cry for help within hours of yours.

    Anyway… here’s how I handled my issue with this plugin… and it WORKS!

    Did you guys have the “Live Traffic” setting enabled? I experienced these same issues with about 24 of our websites that are hosted on a VPS. Hosting company was not much help and eventually I figured out this plugin was causing the issues.

    I disabled the “Live Traffic” option and sites seemed to load much better but now I’m debating if I should even use this plugin at all. I’ve currently completely disabled the plugin on all my sites.

    I’m probably going to do some more testing but though I would see if anybody else had any further information.



    Hi Grant,
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Yes, the Live Traffic was enabled.

    I deactivated the plugin and I do not plan to enable it again unless someone explains what was the real cause of the slowdown (and server timeouts).

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