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  • Hello,

    Last week, I activated the Autoclear Autoptimize Cache plugin on my website. Upon activation, wp-admin became unresponsive. The front-end of the website was also unresponsive. The website is hosted on Pantheon, and the crash was resolved upon removal of the Autoclear Autoptimize Cache plugin via Pantheon dashboard.

    Looking through my server logs at the time of the crash, I found that ~150 requests were made to ao_speedup_cachebuster within a few minutes. I reached out to Autoptimize support for information on what the ao_speedup_cachebuster request does, but I am hoping you can provide further insight.

    Can you help me understand why the plugin caused an influx of requests to ao_speedup_cachebuster? Could this influx of requests have caused the site to become unresponsive until the plugin was removed?


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  • Plugin Author John Teague


    I’m terribly sorry this has taken so long to respond to. For some weird, yet determined reason, I’m not receiving email notifications when support tickets are created. I’ll reach out to the plugin reps on that.

    The multiple calls to the cachebuster function in autoptimize should obviously only happen once when you activate the plugin. I’ll definitely work on reproducing this to see what needs to be done to resolve it. I’ll also reach out to Pantheon just in case there’s something happening specific to their system.

    If you can provide any other details, please let me know. I have a few clients on Pantheon running this plugin without error, but that’s certainly doesn’t mean much.

    If possible, can you list plugins and name active theme on your site? It may help me isolate the issue.

    Best regards,


    Thread Starter mmosehauer


    Thanks, John.

    Here are all the plugins that were active on the site at the time of activation:

    • ACF Content Analysis for Yoast SEO
    • Advanced Ads
    • Advanced Ads Pro
    • Advanced Ads – Sticky Ads
    • Advanced Custom Fields PRO
    • Advanced Custom Fields: Table Field
    • Analytics for WordPress — by
    • Autoptimize
    • BJ Lazy Load
    • Classic Editor
    • Compress JPEG & PNG images
    • CookieMonster
    • Duplicate Post
    • MCE Table Buttons
    • Native PHP Sessions for WordPress
    • Pantheon Advanced Page Cache
    • Redirection
    • Related Posts
    • Robots.txt rewrite
    • Share Buttons by AddThis
    • Stop User Enumeration
    • WordPress Importer
    • WP Media folder
    • WP Redis
    • Yoast SEO Premium

    More details:

    Once the plugin files were deleted via Pantheon, the site would load, but the front-end was stuck in a constant re-load state. It would load and immediately re-load indefinitely. At this time, the site was presumably being loaded by Pantheon CDN, so I am assuming that at this time the ‘Autoclear Autoptimize Cache’ plugin was possibly still playing a role. While in the constant re-load state, it also appeared that an old version of the Autoptimize js file was being loaded on the page, because there were console errors relating to js functions not being defined that have in fact been defined for awhile. Once Pantheon cache was flushed (presumably fully removing the ‘Autoclear Autoptimize Cache’ plugin), the constant re-load stopped, and console errors were gone.

    Hope that helps. Any insight would be much appreciated!

    Plugin Author John Teague


    Thank you for the detailed reply. I’m bringing some tests and attempting to isolate the cause, but this definitely looks like a bug.

    In the interim, I’d recommend clearing all cache.

    I suspect this may be related to certain hosted environments that aggressively cache, but that’s unsubstantiated. I’ll report back and/or release an update as quickly as possible.

    Again, apologies for the the trouble and thanks for helping us with a solution.

    Plugin Author John Teague


    I’ve reached out to Pantheon to determine if there’s a safe way to trigger a cache removal of their cache builds when autoptimize clear cache plugin is installed and activated. But I’ve not heard back yet. I just sent a follow-up to them and I’ll report back to you as soon as I hear from them.

    I you hear from them, I’d be happy to add the Pantheon clear-cache calls to AO proper John.


    Plugin Author John Teague


    Thank you Frank. Will do.

    Plugin Author John Teague


    Still attempting to work out some solution for this and I’ve got a call scheduled next week to discuss.I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten. Thanks for your patience.

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