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  • Hey guys!

    I really love this plugin, I really do!!

    Only problem is that it caused a massive surge in IO and CPU load, basically making the website so frantically busy that no humans could access it. I wasn’t able to fix it until I deleted the plugin directly off the server.

    It wasn’t always like this though. For years, it worked beautifully. But at 4:56 AM 4 days ago, it went haywire. I wasn’t awake or working on the website, and none of my helpers were either.

    Something automated happened at that point in time that made your plugin break my website.

    It wasn’t the only plugin to break either. The Classic Editor also broke and caused the same ruckus. The two of them together really insured that no humans could access the website.

    So, I think that something updated about WordPress itself that broke everything.

    You guys likely know a hell of a lot more than I do about what could have happened to cause this. I deleted the plugin so my website is working again, but I don’t want to add it back until you guys have solved this mystery.



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  • Plugin Author webvitalii


    Hi Fiona,

    Hm, that is weird, never seen this problem before.
    Page-List plugin does not suppose to cause a heavy load and does not do anything on the background. It uses the default WordPress functions to output list of pages like wp_list_pages() for example.

    I would like to ask some questions. Maybe that will give some hints what might cause issues.

    • Can you tell which shortcodes you used?
    • And also can you tell approximately how many pages are there on your website?
    • And which version of WordPress are you using?
    • Which plugins are you using?
    • Which theme are you using?
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