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  1. DougJoseph
    Posted 5 years ago #

    The "Category Write Panels Plugin" is awesome! It is exactly what we needed. We are now using it in conjunction with the "Ozh Admin Menu Plugin."

    The only minor problem we see is that the top level menu (the name of the new write panel) is clickable (thanks to Ozh) but it leads to nowhere, while the normal WP menu's top level option is clickable to somewhere important.

    Ozh lets us turn the top level clickability on or off. However, off is not an option for us because of the core WP top level menus.

    We'd love it if the top level of each new write panel (its name) was clickable to, say, the exact same URL as the "Edit" option of the new write panel. Can anyone give us a clue where to look to tweak things to make that happen? Thanks in advance!


  2. DougJoseph
    Posted 5 years ago #

    We are combining use of both the "Ozh Admin Menu" plugin with the "Category Write Panels" plugin. They are playing nice with each other except for only two issues.

    Problem: There is no link to edit categories.

    Reason: The "Posts" top level menu disappears, and the remaining "Categories" top level link leads to the wrong place. Clicking "Categories" actually goes to the Posts Edit page ( http://wvupci.net/wp-admin/edit.php ). It ought to point to the Categories Edit page ( http://wvupci.net/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=category ).

    Solution: Edit the menu (using Ozh type code) to add the link. I just don't know how.

    Problem: Each of the category write panel's main, top level link leads to the wrong place.

    Details: When the CWP plugin is working by itself, a click on a top level menu goes to a valid, valuable page ( http://wvupci.net/wp-admin/edit.php?cat=X ). Once combined with Ozh Admin Menu, clicking a top level menu actually leads to a nowhere page ( http://wvupci.net/wp-admin/href= ).

    Solution: Presumably use some Ozh-like code to give each CWP top level menu its proper link back -- pointing to a category editing page ( http://wvupci.net/wp-admin/edit.php?cat=X ). I just don't know how.

    I am mucking through the code of the Ozh plugin trying to figure it out. If Ozh or anyone with experience is reading this, and can give me some tips, please post! Thanks in advance. :-)

  3. DougJoseph
    Posted 5 years ago #

    After carefully looking at the admin menu links, I have realized that we can indeed make use of Ozh's option to disable top level menu clickability, and not lose anything. So, I am retracting the statement that it's not an option for us. The second issue above is now withdrawn.

    However, the first issue remains. There is no link to edit categories. If anyone can help me tweak the code in Ozh Admin menu I sure would appreciate it!

  4. DougJoseph
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm marking this one as resolved, since the first issue is withdrawn and I'm approaching the Ozh Admin Menu question in that plugin's forum, at:


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