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  • I uploaded the plugin and used it on a new page. I inserted multiple instances of the code and everything looks great. However, comments from an entirely separate post are showing up at the bottom of my new page! The comments appear to be pulling from the post in the last thumbnail. I tried removing the last list of thumbnails, but then comments from the new last thumbnail started showing up.

    I disabled comments in the wordpress settings for the page. The comments are still there! This seems like a really strange bug. You can view the issue here:

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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  • the plugin seems to be messing with the query_string;
    best to deactivate it and find one that takes proper care of the query_string or post object.

    you could also try to hack the plugin, and add wp_reset_query(); at the end of its main loop code;

    or add wp_reset_query(); into page.php of your theme, before the line with comments_template()

    Thank you for your quick response! I tried hacking the plugin as best I could, but the comments won’t go away. I tried using other plugins before this one, and this is the closest I’ve gotten to success. I may have to give up.

    here, in the plugin code:

    $output .= '</div>';
    	$output .= '<div class="categoryThumbnailList_clearer"></div>';
    	return ($output);
    	$output = '';
    	$post = $tmp_post;

    possibly adding:
    instead of:
    and rearranging the line order seems to work:

    $output .= '</div>';
    	$output .= '<div class="categoryThumbnailList_clearer"></div>';
    	$post = $tmp_post;
    	return ($output);
    	$output = '';

    (not overly untested)

    You are my favorite person right now. Thank you so very, very much! That totally did the trick.

    Plugin Author Johan


    Update has been submitted to version 1.11 with reference to alchymyth as the person who solved the bug.

    wow – that is a good response, considering that you are not actively developing the plugin at the moment 😉

    This looks great. I’m trying to achieve the exact same look on my site, only my categories are for videos (Music Video, Narrative, Documentary, etc).

    How did you get the thumbnails to display in a nice neat list like this?


    Category #1
    <CAT1 Thumbnails>

    Category #2
    <CAT2 Thumbnails>

    Category #3
    <CAT3 Thumbnails>

    I would really appreciate some help or even your source coding for displaying the thumbnails in this format– if you don’t mind!

    How exactly do you assign the thumbnail image to a category? Still haven’t figured this out… or found documentation for the coding to actually “display_category_thumbnail” .

    Love this plugin! I have looked for a way to do this without extensive coding, as I use a theme that doesn’t fit the norm for making changes.

    Anyway- is there a way to write in the plugin code a maximum number of posts to display?

    Some categories have over 100 posts and I want to display only the lat 20 or so.


    Hey duckseason,

    Here’s how my page is coded:

    <div class=”menu-item”>baked goods</div>
    [categorythumbnaillist 210]
    <p> </p>
    <div class=”menu-item”>breakfast</div>
    [categorythumbnaillist 145]
    <p> </p>

    …and so forth for the additional categories. The div classes just specify the font formatting for the category text labels. The numbers (210 and 145) are the ID numbers for the corresponding category.

    I have never assigned an image to a category. I have, however, designated a featured image for each post. So when I call the posts in a category using the [categorythumbnaillist ###] code, the plugin automatically pulls in the featured image for each of the posts in that category. They showed up in pretty neat rows to begin with, but I used CSS in my style.css file to specify the border and margin around the images.

    I’m really not an expert in this stuff, but hope this explanation helps.

    Rick– I don’t know if you can limit the number of posts shown. I suspect you may be able to, but encourage you to read through all the “read me” materials to find out.

    I would be interested in finding out how to display the thumbnails in a way that doesn’t show their title as cookieandkate has done.

    Its extremely clean looking, as opposed to this where the title is below the thumbnail.



    Hi @ all,

    any who can help me with me problem?
    I like get a pagination to the plugin Category Thubnail List i have test some codes but i dont have results. Here my actually code

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    Help me! I LOVE this plugin and I need this plugin. Can anyone help me to solve this matter?


    Thank you in advance.

    To remove the title simply delete the line of code that is UNDER this line: $output .= '<a href="' .$link . '" title="' .$title . '">' .$thmb . '</a><br/>';

    Sorry not to include it but I already deleted it 🙂

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