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  • Resolved nashaden


    I installed the plugin and… cannot access configuration page under SETTINGS menu. All I get is “you do not have enough rights to see that page” (it may sound different as i use polish localized version and get this error in polish.)

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  • I have exactly the same problem!!


    I wanted to use this plugin on a client’s site and had the same problem with the “don’t have permission error” others are reporting.

    I fixed that problem and found other issues I also had to clean up. I will leave it to the author to resolve the issues in an official version. Until then if anyone wants a version of this plugin that seems to be working as intended email me through my website (see profile) and I will email you a copy of my modified version. (Since its not an official version it will be overwritten when the plugin author releases his next update).

    Note to plugin author:
    I suggest not using the <?= PHP tag in WordPress.
    Also see this article about fixing the permissions problem users are reporting
    As an additional plugin feature I suggest adding on the detail page where you are editing a category’s Redirect URL a link back to the page that displays the full list of categories, in case you want to edit another category’s link. That will be more convenient.
    The plugin is useful, thank you.

    Plugin Author MasterC3501


    hi I am the author. You say your getting permission errors? I installed this on several wordpress sites and never saw this issue. Can you take a screen shot? Are these wordpress hosted blogs or your own personal sites? If they are personal sites is sounds like you permissions on your file system may be improperly set?

    Plugin Author MasterC3501


    hey stvwlf can you email a copy of the changes you made to admin (at) ecigsaving (dot) com please? I really would like to see the problems that are happen. I have been using this version of the plugin myself before i ever made it available to anyone else for probably close to two year and never had to update the code so i am a little boggled at the moment heh.

    Hi MasterC3501

    You have three people reporting the same error within 24 hours on this forum post. I am on self-hosted WP and experienced the same error myself. If you read the post I linked to you will read a description of the error and why it is occurring. When I applied the fix described in the article to your plugin code the permissions errors immediately went away.

    Then I had a series of errors related to using <?= tags on my server to fix. I’m pretty sure WP recommends not using shortcut PHP tags in WP. I know some servers have PHP set up to not allow the shortcut tags.

    Also I seemed to have a problem on my server with creating the database table. Rather than trying to debug why your code seemed not to work on my server I used WP’s recommended
    register_activation_hook function to check if the table needed to be created on plugin activation. I also used dbDelta() to run the SQL Create statement as apparently that is the method WP recommends. All I know is after making those changes the plugin seems to work correctly and before that I had PHP errors plus the DB table didn’t exist after the plugin was activated.

    The plugin is very handy – thank you for making it available. I’m emailing you my revised code.

    First, thanks to Master C3501 for his big efforts to build this plugin. This plugin is a great idea, very useful. WordPress requires continous update to keep it working with new versions.

    For me was essential to keep highlighted hover menus from categories to posts.

    Thanks a lot to stvwlf to make it work again and for his expert cleaning of the code!!

    Plugin Author MasterC3501


    issue should be resolved please update to version 2.3 if any issue email me at admin {at} ecigsavings {dot} com

    The update saved the day! Now the plugin works just as I thought it would. Thanks for great work, MasterC3501.

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