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  • Plugin Author Diana Koenraadt


    Which theme are you using? Also, have you upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, in which issue 14527 has been fixed?

    Yes, I am no WP 3.4.2, and I’ve made my own theme in Artisteer. Link sent via PM.

    Oh, sorry, I’ve replied to a different post, actually the site that I’ve been building up is this: – using the latest WP and also theme generated in Artisteer from one of its samples.

    Thing is I’ve made the web without it, because I needed it quickly solved but in case I’d need it again, I’d be glad if it works 🙂

    Plugin Author Diana Koenraadt


    Try it with the default WordPress theme first. If that works, please check that your theme supports the hooks that my plugin uses. I can’t offer much support if the theme is the problem, because this is my first plugin and I wouldn’t know where to begin to solve theme problems..

    Plugin Author Diana Koenraadt


    Kindly inform me of the status, have you ruled out the theme?

    Hi – doesn’t work for me either, using Brunelleschi theme; I also tried the default theme (Twenty Eleven) and no dropdowns there either.

    Clicking “Replace with links to posts” turns the menu item (which should be the category name) into a link to the latest post.

    I’m also using the latest version of WordPress. I hope we can figure this out; I don’t know any other way to list posts in a category dropdown, and I’d really like to be able to do it!


    Plugin Author Diana Koenraadt


    boowoolley, can you clarify? You state: “turns the menu item [..] into a link to the latest post”.

    That implies that the plugin is doing what it should, i.e. it replaces the link to the category by a list of the posts it can find. Apparently, it finds only one post, where you expected more than one?

    1. Check that you’re setting “Number of posts” to -1 to show all posts.
    2. Check that there are at least two posts in that category. (Quick check via Posts > Categories and see the numbers behind your category)

    Well, I tried it with two posts in the category (I’m still in development), several different times, and each time it only showed the latest post.

    “Number of posts” is set to -1.

    Perhaps I’m expecting something the plugin isn’t intended to do; I was hoping for a menu item (the name of the category) with a list of posts that appears on hover. Is this what’s intended? And if so, do you have a working example somewhere?

    I’ll try it again with three or four posts to see what happens.

    All right – I added three posts to the category, so with the original post, there are four. Checking “replace with links” makes top-level links all along the main menu.

    By the way, I have NEVER received a response so quickly on! 🙂

    Woo hoo! I figured it out.

    I created a new top-level menu item in appearances->menu->custom links with the label “My Category”, and gave it a fake URL (which I erased once the menu item was in place, as WP won’t let us create a new menu item without a link.)

    I put that menu item where I wanted it in my main menu.

    I then added a “categories” menu item from my category, and dragged it BELOW that placeholder menu item, and it works.

    I now realize that the person who posted this comment:

    …did the same thing. I just hadn’t understood it.

    Perhaps this should be included in the faqs, that is, if it’s the way the plugin is supposed to be handled?

    Thanks for your quick response!

    Plugin Author Diana Koenraadt


    Glad to hear you figured it out. Yes, this is how it is supposed to work, I will add a note to the FAQ later.

    I did create some sample menu here:, with an explanation how the sample menu works here:

    My quick reply (<30 min) was a bit of a coincidence 😉 but I do try to check back here regularly.

    Closing this topic now.

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