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  • I am using the “Category Page 2.5” plugin by

    Unfortunately the Forum there is not working (it rejects all new registrations).

    I am using the function [catlist], which works well for me. However, it at present only displays 5 items in the list.

    I would like it to display all the entries.

    Any suggestions, or an e-mail link to the pixline people?


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  • hey searchen,

    you can add number of posts inline:
    [catlist id=1 numberposts=20] // 20 entries
    [catlist id=1 numberposts=-1] // unlimited entries

    or you can change the default 5 cat listings in the list_cat_posts.php, in the \wp-content\plugins\list-category-posts directory on your wordpress website.

    change the numberposts in this function:

    function catlist_func($atts, $content=null) {
    			     'id' => '0',
    			     'name' => 'default',
    			     'orderby' => 'date',
    			     'order' => 'desc',
    			     'numberposts' => '5',
    			     'date' => 'no',
    			     'author' => 'no',
    				 'language' => 'en'
    			     ), $atts);
      return list_category_posts($atts);

    hope this helps.

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