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  • I’m trying to add a lot of categories in this order:

    Main cats (x10) > sub cats (x10) > sub sub cats (x5)

    The ‘Main’ cats will all have unique names.
    The ‘sub cats’ will all have identical names for each main cat.
    The ‘sub sub cats’ will all have identical names for each sub cat.

    For instance:
    England > People > Color
    England > People > Work
    England > Industry > Cars
    England > Industry > Food
    Germany > People > Color
    Germany > People > Work
    Germany > Industry > Cars
    Germany > Industry > Food

    Import fails when doing this. The first main cat and its descendants are imported ok, but after that no sub cats are imported.

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  • It seems that categories with the same name are being overwritten somehow, or something like that, because also the preview doesn’t show the second group of subcategories.
    This is a bit confusing, I know. But in the example above everything ‘winthin’ England is imported ok, but the preview of Germany will only show Germany and no subcategories.

    I hope someone could have a quick look a the plugin. I really need something like this, because now I need to create 1200 categories like this…

    No one else using this plugin?

    I don’t mind using a query or something for this. I just need something that can let me create a lot of categories and subcategories at once, where subcagetories between main categories often have the same name.


    When you have categories/sub-categories with the same name, you need to use the slug setting feature in the plug-in. The default symbol is $.


    Is your previous problem solved, with the not displaying the children of the last added categories? Because I use the slugs but still they are hidden.

    As we know from the FAQ, since version 1.0.2 it is possible to import
    Level A1 / Level B$level-b1 / Level C$level-c1
    Level A2 / Level B$level-b2 / Level C$level-c2
    and get the output
    Level A1 – Level B – Level C
    Level A2 – Level B – Level C

    What I need is a bit different than this: I´ve described it below – it does not work and we would be very thankful if this plugin can be extended for this or anyone has another solution!

    I want to import
    Level A1 / Level B 1 / Level C
    Level A1 / Level B 1 / Level D
    Level A1 / Level B 1 / Level E
    Level A1 / Level B 2 / Level C
    Level A1 / Level B 2 / Level D
    Level A1 / Level B 2 / Level E

    I´ve tried all combinations – slugs at each or every new category, slash with/out spaces, eliminating spaces and special characeters in category names… nothing worked. As sonn as an identicak category with different main categories is imported, only the first one gets into the database (wp_terms).

    Please help. Thanks to Jiayu Ji and others working on category mass import. Regards
    Erik Petersen

    Its been awhile since I’ve had to use a work around for this bug, but I also created a post for a work around. Should of searched the ‘category-import’ tag. Anyways, it should fix your category hierarchy issue.

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