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  • Hi,

    I installed Category Cloud lately for a very huge category. Unfortunaly it still looks very overwhelming so I would like to use :first-letter to colorize the first letters of each category to give a better overview to my readers.

    Unfortunately I am not familiar with programming to change the code myself, but I tried to add a span with a class “classname:first-letter” here

    foreach ($counts as $catname => $count)
                $catlink = $catlinks{$catname};
                echo "\n <a ****** href=\"$catlink\" title=\"$count posts filed under $catname\" style=\"font-size:".
                    ($options['small'] + ceil($count/$fontstep)).$options['unit']."\">$catname</a> ";

    Unfortunately it didn’t work and you laugh about the try. However, maybe there is a sollution and you can help me how it might work to make the first letter stand out.


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  • Michael


    Forum Moderator

    :first-letter is css pseudo class and does not get added manually to the html output

    you need to identify the class of the category names and edit the css files to include the :first-letter style

    if you post a link yo your site, maybe someone can help you to find this css class.

    Thank you so far!

    Unfortunately I trusted an source that said a <span> would be enough to define but today I read the pseudo class is only available for block and not inline text.

    Everytime I tried to add a class I received an error massage for the line quoted above. I suppose for this problem there is no sollution.

    Maybe it’s possible with a list… I will keep on trying – it would be very useful.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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